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Yankees rally in last at-bat

Tribune staff report

In a real display of offensive prowess in a clutch situation, the Yankees came from behind to beat the Rangers 18-17 in a South Tahoe Babe Ruth game May 19.

The Yankees were down 17-12 before scoring six runs in the sixth inning to earn the win.

Zach Kropf led the team with four hits, five RBIs and three runs scored, along with Bo Hallam’s three hits, four RBIs and four runs and Chris Diana, who had two hits, five RBIs and two runs scored. Joel Uppendahl and Thomas Christ each recorded two hits, two RBIs and scored one run.

The Rangers were led on offense by Jason Anthenian’s three hits, three RBIs and four runs. Kyle Price had two hits, one RBI and two runs scored, while R.J. Gardner had one hit, one RBI and two runs.

Reds 17, Red Sox 0

The Reds’ pitching staff of Garrett Gibb and Danny O’Malley combined for six strikeouts on their way to a shutout of the Red Sox.

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Gibb pitched five innings and O’Malley relieved in the sixth as they held the Red Sox to only four hits.

The Reds’ offense was powered by Gibb’s four hits. Ryan Woods also had four hits with three RBIs, while Josh Reeder had three hits and three RBIs and scored two runs.

A’s 22, Cubs 5

Four Cubs’ pitchers couldn’t stop the A’s from clubbing the ball May 21.

Ryan Reed, Casey Cursey, Mike Orman and Chris Shapiro each had a shot at shutting down their Babe Ruth rivals, but the offense of the A’s was just too strong.

Dan Tinlin, who pitched the length of the game for the A’s, also got three hits, five RBIs and scored four runs. Jason Winslow had two hits and scored two runs.

Cursey had two hits, scored two and knocked in one for the Cubs.

Mariners 13, Giants 6

The Mariners got most of their scoring in the third and fourth innings as they beat the Giants.

Cody Harrington hit three singles with one RBI and also scored three times to key the Mariners’ win. Jay Sandness had two hits, one RBI and scored three runs.

Nick Heng led the way for the Giants with two runs scored and two hits. Curtis Maxwell, Ian Rice and Alex Spencer each had one hit and scored one run.

Mariners 11, Red Sox 9

In a tightly contested game the Mariners picked up a win over league-rival Red Sox on May 18.

The Mariners used a five-run first inning to jump out to a big lead. The Red Sox whittled away at the lead throughout the game, but it was not enough.

Jamie Moore had three hits, three RBIs and scored a run for the Mariners, while David Schue had a single and scored two runs.

The Red Sox were keyed on offense by Nathan Garofalos with three hits and three runs. Danny Jolley had two hits and two runs while Christian Shamas had two hits.

Yankees 17, Cubs 5

Joel Uppendahl scored three, stroked three hits and knocked in two runs to lead the Yankees to a victory over the Cubs.

Thomas Christ had two hits with one RBI and also scored a run, Michael Blank had a hit, two RBIs and a run and Chris Diana scored three with two hits and one RBI for the Yankees.

The Cubs scored two runs in the first inning off a single by Michael Orman and a double by Casey Cursey. Cursey ended up with two runs, two hits and an RBI while Orman had two hits, one RBI and one run scored.

Yankees 9, Giants 7

The Yankees defeated the Giants 9-7 in a thriller May 11 that saw an eight-run fourth inning by the Yankees and a three-run comeback inning by the Giants.

Each team got a run in the first inning and the score was even until the Yankees broke the game open in the fourth inning on run-scoring singles by Chris Diana, Andrew Stuck and Zach Kropf and a double by Joel Uppendahl. Bo Hallam also had two hits and a run.

For the Giants, Kyle Mazzoni, Blaine Inglis and Elijah Townsend each scored two runs and Nick Heng had three hits, while Townsend chipped in two.

Red Sox 15, A’s 5

Teddy Kosciolek ripped a single and a triple and Buck Pershing hit two singles and two doubles as the Red Sox routed the A’s.

Jeff Forrest had a single, Dan Jolley a double and Nathan Garofalos and Christian Shamas each hit two singles for the Red Sox.

For the A’s, Mike Olno smacked two singles, Dan Tinlin hit two singles and a double and Dave Mejia and Dru Blair each lined two singles.

Mariners 22, Cubs 6

The Mariners got 22 runs from some hot bats as they beat the Cubs.

David Schue and Spencer Swearingen each had four hits for two RBIs and also scored twice for the Mariners, who got even hitting out of just about everybody.

Cody Harrington scored four runs and cracked two hits with one RBI; Jamie Moore scored three times, had two hits and three RBIs; Jacob Hash scored five runs and had two hits for two RBIs; and Jay Sandness scored twice, had two hits and one RBI.

The Cubs got some offensive productivity from Garrett Kankel who scored twice and collect two hits, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the Mariners’ hot streak.

Rangers 13, Reds 7

The Rangers’ Jason Anthenian had three hits and scored three runs as his team beat the Reds.

Kyle Price had two hits for the Rangers, Kevin Schlange had three hits and scored three runs and Jason Holland delivered a hit and two runs. R.J. Gardner had two hits and scored twice.

Joey O’Malley had two runs and two hits for the Reds, Garrett Gibb hit three and scored once and Brandon Yost had two runs and two hits.

The Rangers used a six-run first inning to get out to an early lead and never looked back.