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Spring in the air at Tahoe

by Timothy Bowman

The sun’s path has been slowly creeping north in the sky since the winter solstice December 21. Today marks the spring equinox, when there is an equal amount of day and night. The earth officially enters into the spring season today at 5:31 a.m. On the equinox, the sun rises directly in the east and sets 12 hours later directly in the west.

Daylight will continue to increase by about two minutes a day until the summer solstice, when the northern hemisphere receives the maximum amount of daylight.

With clear skies and temperatures in the 50s, it is beginning to feel like spring in the Tahoe Basin.

“I was out on my porch this morning and I was listening to the birds sing and I said spring is almost here,” said Kate Telek, South Shore resident.

Daylight-saving time will begin April 1 at 2 a.m., adding an extra hour of sunshine at the end of each day.

More daylight will bring increasingly warmer temperatures. For Tahoe residents it means spring skiing and the start of summer activities.

“Tahoe is great,” said Mike Plansky, who was enjoying an afternoon of disc golf Monday at Bijou Community Park. “Its the best of both worlds. If it snows you go to the slopes. When the sun’s out you play disc golf. This is going to be my first summer. I am looking forward to the Soup Series when all the disc golfers come out.”

Tahoe residents are not the only ones happy with the warming weather. Tourists who came to Tahoe to snowboard have found the spring conditions a pleasant surprise.

“It is starting to get nice out. It is perfect weather,” said Mike Ciriami of Chico. “The snow is a little icy, but it is perfect weather. It definitely feels good to be wearing shorts.”

Area outdoor recreation shops have already seen an increase in summer sporting. Paul Tindal of Lakeview Sports said his shop has only been renting bicycles since March 16 this season and they are already a popular item.

“Yesterday we probably rented 15 to 20 bikes, because it is so warm,” Tindal said.

A snowboarding enthusiast, Tindal said he is ready for summer, even though the winter did not meet his riding expectations.

“It is just that it was such a slow winter that people are just like, it’s not so bad if it is over,” Tindal said. “It would be nice if there is another good powder day before the end of the season. You can never deny a good powder day.”

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