St. Theresa students read up a storm over the summer |

St. Theresa students read up a storm over the summer

Provided to the Tribune
Provided to the Tahoe Daily Tribune. St. Theresa's students took part in the school literacy effort to keep reading, even during the summer.

Remembering Sir Richard Steele who said that “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body,” the students of St. Theresa Catholic School did a fine job exercising their minds during this year’s Summer Reading Challenge.

The goal was to read a thousand pages or more over the summer break. Thirty students met the challenge, reading a grand total of 64,515 pages!

Principal Danette Winslow has stressed the importance of this program. “If children don’t keep up with their reading over the summer, they’ll lose 60 percent of what they learned,” Winslow said.

Reading specialist Kelley Welykholowa believes the motivational aspect of teaching children how to read is half the problem – and the solution. “Reading is obviously very important in all aspects of life, and if we can find exciting ways to motivate children to want to read, we are already winning half the battle with literacy.”

A love of reading and a desire for reward are dual motivators. Traditionally, those meeting the challenge are taken to lunch. This year, all 30 students will receive a free dress pass (a very big deal in a school where uniforms are required) and a pizza lunch with reading challenge sponsor, Dr. Kelly Shanahan. The top 10 readers also got a surprise bonus prize: a Borders gift card.

“I love reading, and make the time to bury my nose in a book every day,” Shanahan said. “It is vitally important to instill a love of reading for the sake of reading in our children, and I welcome the opportunity to reward the students for their efforts.”

Top reader was Hunter Turney, who polished off 12,258 pages. When asked how she could possibly read so many pages, the third-grader said, “Well, I read at dinner and at summer camp and sometimes when I was walking. I thought it would be cool to be in the top 10. I didn’t think I could read 12,000 pages!”

Congratulations to all the St. Theresa Summer Reading Challenge “Super Readers” (grade and number of pages read in parentheses):

Hunter Turney (3rd, 12,258); Mattison Underhill (4th, 8,897); Claire Rosburg (7th, 5,259); Anna Tikhomirova (8th, 3,195); Bailey Conant (7th, 2,363); Tiana Camello (5th, 2,259); Marin Underhill (3th, 2,163); Zac Fiston (4th, 2,124); Emily Barnett (6th, 2,000); Morgan Wirth (2nd, 1,482); Noah Paul (3rd, 1,454); Cara Filce (4th, 1,426); Devynn Wulstein (4th, 1,226); Kendall Eagan (4th, 1,217); Ashle Meyer (8th, 1,176); Taylor Shearer (7th, 1,153); Colton Johnson (1st, 1,144); Jake DeGregory (1st, 1,132); Cambria Kesler (4, 1,117); Patricia Frega (1, 1,099); Savannah Stanhope (3, 1,081); Quinten Kesler (2nd, 1,068); Alexis Villanueva (7th, 1,058); Charlie Filce (1st, 1,038); Cameron McCarthy (3rd, ,1030); Rachel Laub (8th, 1,029); Annabelle Dressler (2nd, 1,027); Caia Enriquez (3rd, 1,024); Annie Conway (8th, 1,016); Matthew Barnett (2nd, 1,000).

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