Stealth Tahoe brings electric bikes to the Tahoe-Truckee region |

Stealth Tahoe brings electric bikes to the Tahoe-Truckee region

Have you ever been on an adventure, legs burning from pedaling over rocky terrain; and even though you’re exhausted all you want is to explore further? Thanks to the new Stealth Tahoe Electric Bikes storefront on Brockway Road, now you can.

Aaron Vacek and Anthony Zingaro are two North Lake Tahoe locals who’ve found their solution to working and living in the area they love by embracing their passion for human-powered sports.

“It’s our goal to be homeowners and business owners in Truckee,” said Vacek, CEO of Stealth Tahoe.

He explained coming from humble beginnings and working to build a career in Truckee.

“We’re by no means rich, but we want to be able to live where we work. I’ve been at the bottom and know it can only get so bad; I think a lot of people are afraid to lose, but you’ve got to put it all on the table and take a chance,” Vacek said.

The two took a chance when they reached out to Stealth Electric Bikes in Australia after finding out about them online.

With a warm welcome from the company they started their electric bike business while still working their day jobs. Stealth Tahoe is now the flagship store in the U.S. and has already sold out of bikes to customers across the country during their first two months of operations.

Their mission is to continue spreading the word on how efficient and fun these bikes are to ride.

“It’s a power thing,” said Zingaro, President of Stealth Tahoe. “These bikes offer sustainability, durability, and distance. You can adventure further using less energy, meaning you can explore longer.”

In addition to being almost silent while riding, Stealth electric bikes are top-of-the-line and make good toys for Tahoe’s outdoor enthusiasts: locals, vacationers, second homeowners – anyone looking for an outdoor activity that isn’t too strenuous.

“It’s like another arrow in your quiver,” Vacek said. “These bikes aren’t here to replace a downhill bike or a dirt bike, they just give you another option for a different experience. We want to have the best-of-the-best for people to buy.”

Stealth Tahoe has three top-of-the-line electric bike options in-house for purchase; the B-52 (5200 watt), F-37 (3700 watt) and H-52 (5200 watt) series. These off-road bikes are good for cross-country, climbing, long-range, freeride and downhill adventures.

The bikes can travel from around 31 to 62 miles per charge and take two to three hours to recharge, all depending on the bike.

Top speeds for the three models range from 37.3 to 49.7 miles per hour and Zingaro warns that even experienced riders may be taken aback by their power.

“These bikes are definitely humbling,” Zingaro said. “Even for powerful riders. People underestimate how fast and powerful the bikes are.”

Vacek and Zingaro urge riders to use caution and good judgment on Stealth bikes like they would any other off-road vehicle.

“The way you’re treated is reflective of how you act,” Vacek said. “You need to be courteous to other people on the trail like you would on any other vehicle. So far the people I’ve encountered while riding the bike want to know what it is and where they can get one.”

For now the business is filling orders, packing bikes in crates and making their way around the region to educate the public. They encourage visitors to stop by, learn more about the bikes and join in the electric movement.

“Technology just keeps advancing,” Vacek said. “Right now the question is ‘why electric?’ but they are so efficient, so quiet and so user-friendly that soon the question will be, ‘why gas?'”

Cassandra Walker is a features and entertainment reporter for the Sierra Sun. She can be reached at, 530-550-2654 or @snow1cass.

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