Stop lights waste of time, resource |

Stop lights waste of time, resource

Whoever is in charge of setting the stop lights up in town need to be fired. Why in the world do locals and tourists need to continually stop at the Lyons Avenue, Fairway Avenue, and Sierra Boulevard stop lights while heading north or south bound on Highway 50? There’s exactly zero traffic coming out of these streets most of the time, yet they are red while the main drag known as Highway 50 is stop-and-go. We live in a so-called environmental hot-zone with the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and the League to Save Lake Tahoe regulating our every move, yet we have traffic time causing issues from both a nuisance standpoint and a waste in fuel standpoint. Could they be traps for the county and state to bring in revenue? I sure hope not, but I wouldn’t be surprised. Bottom line, if any of these agencies truly care about the environment, let this be my red flag to you to get this issue fixed. Burning gas at a light for no reason is no different than the fast food drive threw windows you eliminated years ago.

Josh Hempel

Zephyr Cove