Summer brings welcome to Tahoe fishing season |

Summer brings welcome to Tahoe fishing season

Doug Busey
Tribune fishing writer

Hello fellow anglers. A strange phenomenon has occurred … the clouds have gone North and that big orange ball has come out of hiding. Summer has arrived.

With this brings great days ahead, and dangers to watch out for. High heat equals snow melt which causes swollen rivers and streams. Use extreme caution when you are near these areas as it only takes a few inches of fast moving water to move a car.

Think of what it could do to you?

Also with so much water this year brings mosquitos so don’t forget to use bug repellent. My favorite is Deep Woods Off with deet.

The next thing you may think a little extreme, but for those that have fished in the Topaz Canal, East Carson River by the broken dam or around the Indian Creek area, rattlesnakes are common especially in the tall grasses and the rocky areas or where a tree has fallen. I myself wear Gaiters when in these areas. They are ultralight, snake proof and made with an armadillo ankle/foot protector and a rugged Brier resistant shell.

And the cool thing about them is they come in camo, Mossy Oak tree break-up and other colors. They are made by Windriver Outdoor Protective Gear and available online or at Cabela’s. Don’t become a statistic like I almost was. To see what a snake bite can do, go to NDOW and go to conflict with animals and follow the trail to snakes and first aid, then go to the bottom of the page and read my story and see the graphic details of what a rattlesnake can do to a person.

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Before we get to the fishing report, remember that you must have a permit to make a campfire and then can still only do so in only designated areas. Look what is happening in Arizona and what happened in our own back yard. Both were the result of a neglected campfire. Just be safe.

LAKE TAHOE: Mackinaw action has been very good for early risers. Gene reported everyone has limited out for the last couple weeks with the average size being 2 to 5 pounds and a few from 10 to 18 pounds.

Best areas have been on the north end of the lake starting in 100 feet of water and working your way out to 210 feet. Dodgers and a live minnow have been the best trolling method lately, and make sure you get it right on the bottom. For more info call Blue Ribbon Charters at 530-544-6552.

SILVER LAKE: By this weekend should be thawed out with a little ice around the far edges.

CAPLES LAKE: The lake still has a couple weeks to go before it thaws out. There is open waters around the dam and Woods Creek. Some anglers have been taking advantage of the pre-thaw. They have been throwing night crawlers and catching good sized brown trout. The resort is open for bed and breakfast rooms as well as cabin rentals. A switch this year, the general store will be moved up to the main lodge and they are planning on serving lunch at the restaurant this year. That of course will be after the lake thaws completely.

The boat ramp on the main lake is scheduled to open by July 1 weekend – weather permitting. For more info on fishing call the Caples Lake Resort at 209-258-888 or check out

RED LAKE: As of last Wednesday the lake is 95 percent thawed, and the fishing has been fair to good for patient anglers. Mainly Brook and Brown trout in the 10 to 14 inch range have been caught with inflated crawlers or power bait.

CARSON RIVERS: The west fork in Hope Valley resembles a small lake in some areas. Use caution around the edges. You never know where the meadow ends and the river starts. Woodfords Canyon area has been very fast and conditions for fishing have been dangerous. The east fork is high and little muddy. Most anglers have had good success fishing close to the bank with salmon eggs or night crawlers.

The state has planted 1000 pounds of trout in each of the rivers last week. None this week. The Alpine County fish commission will be waiting for the flows to subside before planting for right now. For more info call the Carson River Resort at 530-694-2229.

BLUE LAKES: The road is open to the second gate. As a reference, that is where the dirt road used to start.

BURNSIDE LAKE: Road still closed as of last Wednesday.

WOODS CREEK: Access road still closed as of last Wednesday.

KINNEY RESERVOIR: As of last Tuesday, the lake was still frozen with thinning around the edges.

INDIAN CREEK RESERVOIR: The water level is still high and the lake is a little weedy. They have been doing some improvements and cleaning around the lake. Alpine County planted 800 pounds of 8 to 10 pound trout last Saturday. The campground and boat ramp is open. Access to the area by the dam is restricted to four wheel drive with the high water level. Unless you want to park and walk.

TOPAZ LAKE: Fishing has slowed down this last week. Anglers have been going deeper to get a few fish per day. The level is still high and waters are clear. Both the county and the Topaz Landing launch ramps are open.

TROUT CREEK, UPPER TRUCKEE AND TAYLOR CREEK: Opens to fishing on July 1. Remember that the fish in these streams are native Tahoe fish. They are not planted so try to practice catch and release.

NEVADA LOCAL PLANTS: Walker River east fork, Sand Harbor, Baily Pond, Wilson Common, Davis Creek, Marilyn’s pond and Martin Slough.

Good luck in you fishing adventures, hope to see you an the waters in our local area. If you get a picture of your catch send it to If you have any questions in our local fishing waters call the Naw Line at 775-267-9722.

Good fishin and tight lines.