Surfer meets sushi chef in ‘The Breaking Wave’ |

Surfer meets sushi chef in ‘The Breaking Wave’

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In this fast-paced odyssey, an inquisitive surfer encounters a mystic sushi chef, changing his world forever. Dylan serves the best sushi in town to unsuspecting customers while regaling them with bite-sized morsels of wisdom. Aficionados anticipating the pleasures of traditional sake and sashimi instead find themselves swallowing Illusion of Permanence sashimi and Illusion of Ego handrolls. From the beaches of southern California to cyberspace to a lodge at Lake Tahoe, the characters encounter a world of impermanence that paradoxically is the source of the brilliance of existence.

“One of my goals as a teacher of inner transformation is to convey positive spiritual concepts in an accessible way. In ‘The Breaking Wave’ I’ve used a fictional context to convey the Zen concept of pure awareness as a way to cultivate the inner conditions for experiencing genuine happiness,” DeWitt said.

“I wrote the first half of ‘The Breaking Wave’ while living in coastal Orange County, and moved to South Lake Tahoe about a year ago to complete it. I’m quite familiar with the Tahoe area, having lived in Reno for 16 years, and was drawn back to Tahoe’s fresh air, quiet, and top of the world atmosphere for a creative recharge.”

The study of the mind and how people create their own reality has been a lifelong passion for De Witt. He developed an early interest in Eastern spiritual traditions as well as western psychology and was fortunate to learn basic meditation from Shunryu Suzuki, founder of the first Zen monastery outside of Asia and author of the classic book “Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind.” He later studied hypnosis and biofeedback and went on to earn a doctorate in psychology.

DeWitt works with individuals and small groups, teaching strategies and practices for inner transformation, and he is working on his next book.

“I believe Lake Tahoe, due to its tranquil atmosphere and beauty, has the potential to become a center for the development of consciousness and one of my goals is to help make that a reality,” DeWitt said.

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Who: Author and teacher John DeWitt

What: Booksigning for “The Breaking Wave – Brilliance in the Realm of Emptiness.”

When: Saturday, June 30, from 2 to 5 p.m.

Where: Neighbors Bookstore, 4000 Lake Tahoe Blvd., Village Center. (530) 541-6296.