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Tahoe Daily Tribune: In the works for Thursday

Tahoe Daily Tribune

Here’s what you’ll find in Thursday’s issue of the Tahoe Daily Tribune:

Seeing an opportunity to aquire lake front access for public use, the federal government purchased the Pope Estate for $750,000 in 1965. Learn what’s happened at the Pope Estate since then in Thursday’s Tahoe Daily Tribune.

Although there’s no official record tally of pending murder cases in El Dorado County at one time, most who’ve been around for awhile will tell you 13 is more than they’ve ever seen.

As of Friday, the list of individuals charged with murder by the District Attorney’s Office included: Patricia Presba, Jaime Ramos, Morris Greenberg, Dana L. Dodd, Nicholas J. Denham, Christine A. Varozza, Charles A. Bailey, Joseph M. Nissensohn, David C. Zanon, Raul R. Reyes, Tony H. McClung, Connie M. Zahn and Ulysses Roberson. Nissensohn and Roberson are accused of slayings at the South Shore.

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