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‘Tahoe has a hold on my heart’ (opinion)

Have you ever wondered why people who move away stay connected to the comings and goings of Tahoe, even though they are long gone? Or why people lay claim to Tahoe being their home or that they “live” in Tahoe when in fact they live elsewhere or own a second home? The “local or not” debate will always continue. So, what makes people yearn to be a part of Tahoe?

Being a traveler most of my adult life and ending up in Tahoe a few years ago by happenstance, there’s never been a place that has captivated me quite like Tahoe. It feels like home. It came as a shock, not surprisingly, when I found out a few weeks ago that I’m moving away for two years for educational purposes. Before a move was easy. Although I’d miss friends and family I was always excited for the new adventure ahead, but this time it’s different. Tahoe has a hold on my heart.

Someone that lives away from here told me that she refers to Tahoe as her husband’s “mistress,” as he grew up here and does everything in his power to get back to visit with her, spend time with her, and eventually spend the rest of his days with her. Tahoe is the other love of his life.

I get it now — that pull, that draw, but it still doesn’t explain why people stay. I’ve seen people struggle to survive here, sell everything they own to be able to stay, and even lose relationships because they would not leave here … all just to be in Tahoe.

So, while everyone is thinking politics, recreation, fighting over the he said/she said and how to make this town money, my mind is engulfed with the purity of it all — the lake, the wilderness, the feeling of belonging to a community that cares about keeping the essence of nature in Tahoe. That’s what Tahoe gives us — the ability to work, play, and explore all within a few steps of peace, balance and the chance to unplug. The area offers true life balance.

So, next time you question someone’s Tahoe residential status or think they shouldn’t have an opinion because they are not here, remember that just because they’re not here doesn’t mean their heart isn’t. It’s playing off those heart strings that keep people coming back time and time again, making our town money and building our community. It’s just not their time to be in Tahoe yet.

Although I’ll be gone, my heart will still be pulling me back here. Don’t worry, Tahoe, I’ll be back.

Maralana Fulton is a traveler and transplant from the East Coast, bringing her expertise in life and fitness motivation to the Tahoe Basin. She is a member of Tahoe Regional Young Professionals.

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