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Tahoe man in ‘wrong place at wrong time’

William Ferchland

Paul Aaron Lowe

A former South Lake Tahoe resident was killed last week in Reno after his roommate returned to the apartment to seek retribution for being kicked out of a party, according to reports.

Longtime South Lake Tahoe resident Paul Lowe, 25, moved to Reno in July to live with friends and work, his father, Clyde Lowe, said.

Authorities arrested Brain Snapp, 23, Alex Marquez, 20, and Eduardo Camacho, 20, in connection with Lowe’s death.

Clyde Lowe said his oldest son and Snapp were occasional roommates who lived in an apartment along Neil Road with Robert and Billy Wood. The Woods grew up with Paul Lowe and were so close to the family that Clyde Lowe referred to them as “nephews.”

Clyde Lowe said Snapp was reportedly “getting violent with a girl” on Nov. 8 and was told to leave the apartment. Snapp and the two others later returned to the apartment, according to Reno police Lt. Ron Donnelly.

“Snapp, Camacho and Marquez forced their way into the apartment and began to attack the occupants with various hand weapons,” Donnelly stated in a press release. “There was a violent struggle in which Lowe lost his life and his roommates were injured while attempting to protect him.”

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Snapp was arrested the next day when a Humboldt County sheriff’s deputy spotted him walking on a road north of Winnemucca.

Camacho and Marquez were apprehended while driving from an apartment complex on Brinkby Street. All three were arrested on suspicion of committing a murder by using a deadly weapon.

Clyde Lowe said his son wasn’t at the apartment when the initial dispute took place. Lowe returned from work at Scolari’s Food and Drug minutes before the attack, Clyde Lowe said.

“He barely had time to change his (work) clothes,” Clyde Lowe said.

Clyde Lowe said he had encounters with Snapp when he would go to his son’s apartment to watch football on the weekends.

“I don’t know Brian well enough to say anything about him,” Clyde Lowe said. “I only met him a couple times but he had his problems.”

Clyde Lowe said Snapp and his son didn’t have any past disputes.

“My kid never harmed nobody and never bothered nobody,” he said.

A picture of Paul Lowe and a donation bucket are sitting at the 7-Eleven store along Lake Tahoe Boulevard at Carson Street where Clyde Lowe works.

The family moved from the Bay Area to South Lake Tahoe when Paul owe was in the first grade, Clyde Lowe said. Paul Lowe attended Bijou Community School, South Tahoe Middle School and South Tahoe High School but did not graduate.

Paul Lowe was an assistant manager at Kentucky Fried Chicken last year when he was quoted in the Tahoe Daily Tribune as part of a story on alternative Thanksgivings.

“Everybody’s working. Last year, I worked at the “Y” store and the lobby was full. People ate out at the picnic tables with snow on the ground and sat in their cars,” he said.

Dan Allen worked with Paul Lowe at the restaurant chain. Allen was impressed with Paul Lowe being able to speak to workers in Spanish.

“He was great,” Allen said. “He was easy going, got along with everybody.”

Allen heard the news from Clyde Lowe.

“He was in the wrong spot in the wrong time,” Lowe said.