Tahoe Outdoor Adventures provides unique opportunities to experience Lake Tahoe

Sunset hiking and photo tours are one of the unique experiences available through Tahoe Outdoor Adventures.
Provided / Michelle Moore

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. — With winter in the rearview, Tahoe locals are stashing their snow gear for the next few months, and warmly welcoming the summer-dense activities for the months ahead.

Blending outdoor recreation, touring, and education together — Tahoe Outdoor Adventures is creating experiences for guests to experience outdoor adventures “off the beaten path.” 

“I’ve been a guide in Lake Tahoe for 15 years now,” Michelle Moore, owner and founder of Tahoe Adventures said. “I started doing guided surf trips in Costa Rica, so when I moved here I started doing the same thing doing snowmobiles and ATV tours.” 

When Moore first moved to Lake Tahoe, she was working for other local touring companies, and began to learn the fundamentals of the business. 

Tahoe Outdoor Adventures Paddle Boarding experiences are serene, exclusive, and away from crowds.
Provided / Michelle Moore

“Working for all these companies, I got to really learn the ins and outs of the business and I always felt I was really good at it, so I decided to embark on opening my own touring business,” Moore said.

With Moore’s passion for outdoor recreation in an avidly adventurous landscape, Tahoe Outdoor Adventures was born in 2019 with a drive to provide unique experiences to their guests year round. 

“I had this feeling that my experience in outdoor recreation would really speak for itself for our customers, and it has,” Moore said. “It’s an honor to be able to provide such fun experiences to our guests and see them really enjoy themselves.” 

Heading into the summer season, Tahoe Outdoor Adventures is currently offering their summer tour schedule, offering a variety of outdoor activities. Experience-based activities such as a sunset hike and photo adventure tour, river raft adventures, paddle boarding on Lake Tahoe, hiking tours, and cliff jumping excursion are all activities that are available through Tahoe Outdoor Adventures. 

With the business being open year-round, Tahoe Outdoor Adventures also offers winter recreation tours, including activities such as snowshoeing, sledding, backcountry touring, split boarding, and private snowboard lessons.

Tahoe Outdoor Adventures offers snowshoe tours during the winter and spring season.
Provided / Michelle Moore

With Moore bringing her experience and expertise to her business, she also credits her team of staff that continuously aid in creating experiences for Tahoe Outdoor Adventures’ guests. 

“Depending on the time of year we typically have five to eight people on our staff at any given time,” Moore said. “We all know each other and have been guiding together for years, so we’re a really tight knit crew. We never really feel like we’re at work, we are doing what we love every day.” 

Looking forward to the summer season, Tahoe Outdoor Adventures is rolling out a new wilderness education program, a children’s program, and is looking forward to continuing to stay committed to first responders. All first responders, including nurses, fire department, police officers, and more, are able to enjoy experiences through Tahoe Outdoor Adventures free of charge. 

“We are so grateful to our first responders and to provide them the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors free of charge, it’s the least we can do,” Moore said. “We are excited to provide some wilderness education this summer season and also do some tours for children, as well.” 

Small group and private hiking and yoga tours are available throughout the summer season through Tahoe Outdoor Adventures.
Provided / Michelle Moore

Since having the ability to open Tahoe Outdoor Adventures several years ago, Moore has been grateful to be able to provide a space for community and collaboration amongst her staff. 

“Being in this industry, we are all very responsible and well trained, and we’re really strong athletes,” Moore said. “With my staff and with Tahoe Outdoor Adventures, this business is very collaborative amongst all of us. I’m grateful to be in a space where I can uplift my staff and share as much as I can with my staff.” 

Tahoe Outdoor Adventures is grateful to be a staple for outdoor recreation guiding and tours in the Lake Tahoe basin, and is always encouraging the local community to support by joining them on one of their tours. 

“In such an outdoor dense community, we need to be collaborating and connecting with one another to enjoy these experiences, not being so competitive with each other,” Moore said. “It’s so important to connect with one another while enjoying time in the outdoors, and we shouldn’t be constantly competing with one another while enjoying these activities.” 

Tahoe Outdoor Adventures is currently taking reservations for the summer season. For more information on Tahoe Outdoor Adventures, visit, or call 530-494-9968. 

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