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Tahoe talks climate change at Incline Village Library

Special to the Tribune

We hear about it every day, climate change due to global warming. It’s in the news, and we can see the effects with larger and more destructive fires and storms engulfing towns, counties, states and countries. Summer heat waves are lasting longer and temperatures are higher than ever recorded.

Climate refugees are migrating in record numbers, who according to the Global Governance Project, are defined as those forced to flee “due to sudden or gradual alterations in the natural environment related to at least one of three impacts of climate change: sea-level rise, extreme weather events, drought and water scarcity.” The disasters seem to compound each year.

Oct. 15-21 is Global Climate Change week, which GCCW describes as “an open-ended framework for voluntary activities aimed at raising awareness, inspiring behavior change, and driving political transformation in relation to climate policy.” The Incline Village Library’s Tahoe Talks series is doing just that by bringing in guest experts from the climate change field to participate in a community conversation about the topic and the issues surrounding it.

Join this timely and urgent community conversation Oct. 9, 6:30, at the Incline Village Library. Tahoe Talks fosters discussion, not debate, creating a safe public space for difficult conversations.