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Tahoe Today: All Dogs Go To Heaven

Dayle Schear

Hi Dayle,

A dear friend of me and my family passed away in a tragic car accident with his dog on June 29 of this year. He was a tortured soul, using alcohol to self medicate, and was impaired at that time. We all feel guilty for not reaching out to him more than we did. We need to know if he has passed over or is still here. The reason we are asking is because we have possession of alot of his things, and sometimes feel his presence. What can we do to ease our pain?

Thank you for any assistance.


I’m so sorry about your friend and his dog. The only way I can help you is through experience, while working in Vegas and having my own show at the Horizon Casino, I have met a lot of people who requested to speak to love ones that had crossed over. I did this for free. My show price was $20 but the information I gave was priceless.

Hi Christine,

I do know from dealing with so many souls from the other side, that when there is a tragic accident, sometimes souls have unfinished business, so they stay earthbound for a while, they try in their own way to tidy things up on earth. Sometimes they appear in your home, lights turn on and off for know apparent reason. You feel them touch your face, or yank on the back of your clothing.

They are disoriented after a shocking death. They stay earth bound for a while until either they give you a specific message or a situation is resolved, or some relative, or friend from the other side shows them the light.

This is the reading I get from the other side for you: You are not to blame, you could not have saved him. Many others had tried to help him, but he could not stop drinking. He wants you to forgive yourself. He knows in his heart and soul how much you loved him. He smiles upon you with his dog on his lap. He has told me he will be there for you if you need him, for you are facing some trying times.

I believe your friend was trying to reach out to you. I get he was so sorry this happened. I also feel he wanted you to give away his stuff to less fortunate friends in times of need.

He wanted me to tell you that there are no accidents. This was his time of death. And the one thing that he is grateful for is his dog is with him. He now has someone to love and his dog loves him back. He tells me he is being oriented on the other side. His soul is allowed to visit earth and try to clean up unfinished business, then he will have to go, but when you need him just think of him with all your heart and soul and he will guide you. During the day in your waking state, if you follow the signs your answers will be given. Your friend and his dog are free now; they are out of pain.

Oh one more thing. What is with the tattoos? Only you would know.

Christine, dogs and puppies are very special they give us unconditional love. The dog will follow your friend to heaven.

I hope I helped you just a little.

It’s a great day in Tahoe, the wind is blowing and loving spirits are in the air.

— Dayle Schear is an internationally known psychic and television personality who worked extensively with “Hard Copy.” Schear writes this column for the Tahoe Daily Tribune for free. To ask Schear a question for this column, e-mail your specific question and phone number to ESP555555@aol.com.

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