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Tahoe Today: Change your thinking, change your life

A response from a reader:

“Hi Dayle,

I really enjoyed your article in Tahoe Today concerning the law of attraction. You mentioned in the article that you wonder how it all works. Just wanted to let you know that, after researching nearly 100 texts (Abraham-Hicks’ book included), a couple of dozen audio programs and over a dozen videos, I compiled my own synopsis which you might find helpful. “iContractor 1: Constructing Your Perfect Life by Remodeling YOU from the Inside-Out!” can be ordered via Amazon.com. Hope you find this helpful. Have a great day!

Dr. Jon M. Ketcham”

Thank you so very much, Dr. Ketcham, what a lovely surprise reading your wonderful email to me. Life is filled with surprises. I listen to The Law Of Attraction CDs in my car as often as I drive. It gives me inspiration. I really want everyone to know this is not just an airy fairy positive mental attitude about life, it is so much more than that; it’s an intense visualization. Never say to yourself about a quest that this is an impossible task, I can’t do it; this type of thinking will cause your life to falter. If one says and uses the word “can’t” enough times, then one makes the event happen.

Life is as simple as going with the flow of things, one needs to change with the times and my theory is fake it until you make it. Visualize in detail what you want in life; see it, feel it, know it down to the smallest detail and you will be amazed how your life will change.

People do not realize that, if they make one tiny change today, their life will change for the better tomorrow. If we try different things without fear, fear no more, for when one faces their fear, there is no fear – and I mean this whole-heartedly.

I once had a fear of escalators, yet I was determined to get over that fear so I spent weeks riding escalators until the fear vanished. It took a while as I conquered and faced my fear. One has to approach life on many different levels, if one road is blocked, then try another road. If your horse dies while riding it, find another horse. The key here is not to give up on anything that you truly want in life.

Try a different way at looking at your life, knowing in your heart that eventually things will change for the better, knowing that whatever you are going through is temporary, not permanent; a loss of a job, not enough money – it’s so import to keep your thinking elevated, to surround yourself with friends that are not negative thinkers. And, mind you, this is the key to life. I practice this all the time when one of my friends tells me I can’t do this, I can’t do that. I end the conversation and move on.

I surround myself with people who believe that nothing in life is impossible.

I tell people that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. To let the light of the Law of Attraction in and let the light of God surround you. What do you really have to loose by changing your thought process today?

A question asked by one of my clients, “Dayle what do you do if you don’t believe in God?”

I answered, “What do you have to lose if you believe in God just for today?”

– Dayle Schear is an internationally known psychic and television personality. Dayle will be doing private consultations. Visit http://www.dayleschear.com. To ask Schear a question for this column, email ESP555555@aol.com. Please include a telephone number.

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