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Tahoe today: Come fly with me

Ever since I can remember, flying always makes me somewhat uneasy. When I board a plane to Hawaii, I usually take the same airline. Most of the flight attendants recognize me. It’s not been unheard of for a flight attendant to whisper in my ear, “I guess the plane is perfectly safe.” She would turn to another flight attendant and say ,”We have Dayle, our psychic, flying with us.”

Upon boarding, I touch the plane. I visualize the plane landing and me getting off the plane. I remote view the nearby surroundings of where I am flying; if I see myself getting off the plane, I know I am safe. And if I don’t, I’m out of there.

I have so many quirks when it comes to flying. Here is an example of just one.

When my husband Blythe and I were flying back to Hawaii from Alaska, I developed a very uneasy feeling about the trip. I felt something was wrong, but I couldn’t put my finger on what. I didn’t want to go. When we were seated on the plane, I asked him to turn my watch back so I would be on Hawaii time. I have a weird watch. Only Blythe can make it work. Several minutes passed. For some reason the hands of my watch would not budge. Blythe finally said, “Dayle, something’s wrong with your watch. I can’t turn the watch back.

“Don’t worry,” he added. “I’ll fix it when we land.”

“I don’t think so, Blythe!” I said.

“What do you mean?” he said.

“I’ve learned from experience that when my watch refuses to go forward or backward in time, it’s a sign that we’re not going anywhere,” I said. “This plane will turn around.”

Blythe stared at me and asked, “Do you feel any danger?”

“No,” I replied.

About an hour into the flight, everything seemed calm, but I couldn’t shake the feeling I was having. Sure enough, the pilot announced over the loudspeaker that he was turning the plane around. Because of manifold problems, we were headed back to Alaska.

The plane landed safely. All passengers were asked to remain seated. Blythe looked at me, I at him, and off we went. We decided to stay in Anchorage a little bit longer. I figured I was meant to stay for a reason. It so happened there were several people who had not been able to see me for consultations earlier, and when they found out I was in town for an extra few days, they were grateful.

On another trip, I boarded a flight from New York to Reno. We were homeward bound. The pilot announced we would be delayed for a short while due to a mechanical problems. Another bugaboo of mine: If the plane is delayed, it’s time to leave. I believed it would cause many more delays in my life.

I projected myself mentally into the future. I could see that if we stayed on the plane I would miss my connecting flight to Reno, which would cause at least a six-hour delay. I said to Blythe, “Come on, we’re getting out of here.” We quickly left the plane. I had a lot of explaining to do. The airlines finally let us go, and we left on another airline. Several hours later I check the original airline we were booked on and found out the plane was delayed 12 hours and we would have missed our connecting flight to Reno.

The morale of this story is … Come fly with me.

– Excerpted from Sheare’s book, “The Psychic Within.”

Dayle Schear is an internationally known psychic and television personality who has worked extensively with “Hard Copy.” She is the author of five books, including “The Psychic Within” and “An Angel Over the Airwaves.” Schear writes this column for the Tahoe Daily Tribune for free. Her website is http://www.dayleschear.com.

To ask Schear a question for this column, e-mail your specific question and phone number to ESP555555@aol.com.

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