Tahoe Today: Crossing over can bring closure, surprises

Keep in mind I specialize in the future and I am very good at giving futuristic information to many of my clients. As of late I have added crossing over with great pleasure, especially when I see the closure and the peaceful state that it gives to others.

I have reached out to the other side, contacting many who have passed on. On many occasions, especially when I do my shows at the Horizon Casino, I have had wonderful results channeling the other side. The information more than surprises me. I really learn a lot from the other side. I do notice the more specific a question you ask of your dad, and or grandma, the answers that flow through me are very thoughtful. I am most amazed of what I learn from another dimension in time.

I believe the departed souls have a lot of questions and answers they want to give their relatives, and that information most of the time is very detailed.

I have noticed so many people have felt guilt when one of their friends or relatives pass on. Once the information flows through me to the audience members their guilt is relieved, it really is a wonderful experience being a human telephone.

When I channel, I ask my people to please check out the information that I give them through my rapid speech. Check with relatives and or friends to verify what I have told them. While channeling I have noticed that my body tightens up a bit and on several occasions I take on the characteristics of the departed one who has passed on.

The wildest adventure I have had was on two separate occasions. Just before going on stage I have felt a tug on my jacket a real hard tug, I turn around and know one was there.

“Okay! I say to myself someone in the audience needs special attention.” Such is the case.

On another occasion, we were filming our show at the Horizon and this lady sat down. I held her wedding ring of her departed husband. While holding the ring in my hand it literally flew out of my hand and went flying in the air, we captured that on film. I will tell you that even spooked me out. I believe this is just part of my job to be a human telephone.

The one thing about being a psychic, we are always learning new things that we can do. My job is not boring by any means. Every day that passes, I learn something new about my own ability.

Example of my latest new adventure; Keep in mind my dad’s name is Murray. He passed away in 1974 and is buried in Los Angeles. My husband and I travel to LA to visit my dads grave and on his head stone it says “A Man Who Walked With Giants.” My husband first noticed this saying on the stone a few months back before the Giants football team was in the running. I noticed he was excited and shouted out loud “it’s a sign.”

“What’s a sign?” I replied.

“Your dad’s headstone, it means the Giants are going to win.”

“It’s a sign.” Chuckle.

Then the real sign came. One day before the Superbowl the Tahoe Daily Tribune did a bit on sports memorabilia at our store, The Lake Tahoe Cigar Shop. A picture was taken, in the picture a Giants matt was visible.

What can I say, my dad gave him a direct message. The Giants won.

– Dayle Schear is an internationally known psychic and television personality who will appear this summer at the Horizon Casino Resort. To ask Schear a question for this column, email Please include a telephone number.

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