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Tahoe Today | Fate or destiny?

Is it fate or destiny that guides our lives? Are events in our life meant to be? Or do we orchestrate our own future? Is love written in the stars? I like to think so myself.

This topic that I am writing about really has no answer – or does it? I really started thinking about this when I saw the movie “The Adjustment Bureau.”

I was mesmerized by this movie. Not only was it packed with action, but it portrayed life in such away that one had to think.

The movie combined science fiction, science fact, love and spirituality – the whole premise is that there were people who were ruling our lives on behalf of the man upstairs. Some called the men angels, or “The Chairman” – that in itself was never made clear; it was left up to viewers on how they perceived life.

In the movie, these men were put on this planet to guide people to their destination.

For example, there would be a person in the future who was destined be the president of the United States. These men in the movie made sure nothing would happen to him. It’s assumed that if the person who was meant to be president took a different path in life, through free will or choice, and never became president, then millions of lives would be affected in the future. Many lives would be lost and many great people would never accomplish great things.

In all my years of working in my field, I have realized one thing – major events in our lives cannot be changed. We can stray and take a different path; however, that path will only bring us back to where we are meant to be for whatever reason.

Planet Earth is a school of knowledge or sometimes a school of hard knocks. Many lessons will be learned and if, for some reason, we just don’t get it while we are on this planet, it is written in many spiritual teachings, we will come back to learn again.

We can manipulate the future in many ways, through our words, our actions and our deeds. However, what I have learned through experience is if a person or an event is not meant to be in our lives, then everything will revert back to the way it was.

For example, I was once told by my teacher Peter Hurkos, who was a great psychic, that my mother would die walking in the street. I asked Peter if I could change this one event. He then said, “I don’t know, but you could try.”

Several years later, I was driving in Tahoe just about approaching Harrah’s Lake Tahoe when I saw my mother crossing the street – thin and fragile, exactly as Peter described. Within days I sent her to my sister in Los Angeles to be checked out in a hospital. She was admitted immediately. I was told that was a crucial point in her life for her. If I hadn’t reacted as fast as I did and intervene, then she would have passed on. My mother lived 15 years more after that event. Was I meant to intervene? I believe so. I believe I was guided to help her fulfill her destiny, no matter how great or small that destiny was.

Life is filled with possibilities, probabilities and outcomes. We are the learners in this world, destined to find our own fate. And yes we are guided.

– Dayle Schear is a South Lake Tahoe resident and psychic who has published five books and worked extensively with “Hard Copy.” Her website is http://www.dayleschear.com.

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