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TAHOE TODAY: How real are our dreams?

A letter:

Aloha Dayle:

I really enjoy reading your column in the Tahoe Daily Tribune. Many years ago I attended your show at the Horizon Casino and was intrigued by your gift.

I have always been curious by dreams and what they mean. Early last year I began having dreams where family and friends who have passed entered into my dreams.

They sometimes casually conversed with me or were just present. They were so real that, upon awakening, I was really disturbed by them. I thought to myself; were they trying to tell me something? Were they trying to tell me that I might be dying? It was really unnerving. The dreams went on for several months. Then, last June, I was diagnosed with cancer and underwent surgery in July and am doing well. Since the operation I have not had the dreams … My question is: Is my assumption correct?

Many years ago I experienced three pre-cognition dreams … two occurred exactly as I dreamed them and the other occurred exactly but different people were involved. The actual occurrences happened within 1-3 days later.

I am curious to hear what your thoughts are. I am looking forward to attending your show at the Horizon this summer.

Thank You


Response: Thank you for your lovely letter, I will be most happy to answer your questions, and to let you know that this summer the Magic show is doing great at Horizon, so they have increased their days for the summer to six days per week, which will leave me out for this year, the technicians needed the seventh day to rest. I just found out about this today, however, I am looking around for another venue for the summer; if not, I am open to private parties. This can be really fun.

To answer your questions about dreams, this is what I know for a fact, when relatives such as my dad or mom visit me from the other side I take it as a warning of something important that will happen in my family. I keep my eyes and ears open, and within a week or so it comes to pass. The other side does not like to frighten us, so they nudge us along, giving us messages in our dreams.

If a dream is repetitive, that is a sure sign; meaning if we dream the dream over and over again it bears watching and taking notes, for it will surely come to pass. I believe your family is watching over you with all their heart and soul, and when you got the news of the cancer you were meant to pay mighty attention to what they were trying to tell you and you did, now you are fine.

I believe you will remain fine for you have many angels from the other side fighting your cause.

When we dream our dreams that come to pass, we are living within our own psychic world on another dimension in time. That dimension is the dream world where all things are possible, sometimes we fight our psychic abilities while we are awake and attribute it to coincidence, the veil to the other side is very thin and very close to us, our relatives or angels from the other side will break through the barriers of time with messages from the other side, it is so important in your case to leave a notebook at bed side and mark the dates times and places when you are contacted.

Sweet dreams; know you are loved.

– Dayle Schear is an internationally known psychic and television personality. Dayle will be doing private parties. To ask Schear a question for this column, email ESP555555@aol.com. Please include a telephone number.

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