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Tahoe Today: Keep eyes peeled for Tahoe Tessie

I am a boater; a few years back my friend Cheryl and I spent one whole summer on Lake Tahoe boating in my Bayliner. We experienced so many unbelievable experiences on the lake.

Once we were boating from the Tahoe Keys to the North Shore for lunch at Jake’s on the Lake. We started our journey around 10 a.m.; when we landed, we took our time shopping and having a great lunch when we noticed the waves were coming up and it would be a rough ride back to South Shore. So we jumped into our boat, but the waves became bigger and bigger.

The boat was mighty hard to handle and at the rate we were going it would take more than two hours to make it back to the Tahoe Keys.

I was driving the boat when I decided to let go of the wheel. Now mind you I wouldn’t advise anyone to do this because any boat would go in circles. However, the boat kept going straight on course and suddenly there was calm.

The waves were still hitting the boat but the path we were taking was smooth. Off in the distance we spotted another boat crossing our path, I noticed our boat was slowing down by itself to let the other boat cross our path, it was then I realized we were not in control of our boat. It seemed a higher power was.

It was at that point we left the helm and sat up front until we reached the Tahoe Keys; I kid you not. No one was holding the wheel of my boat.

There are very strange things happening out on our lake, including bright lights, that many have seen, and UFOs that go underwater to refuel.

• • •

Much like Loch Ness, Lake Tahoe has its own water monster, Tahoe Tessie. About a half-dozen sightings occur every year. This has led to a museum and even a phone hotline to be established in the area. Indian legends have long been of monsters in the lake. Some other theories point to a giant sturgeon perhaps inhabiting the dark areas of the water.

Lake Tahoe is an extremely deep body of water, getting to 1,645 feet, thus making it the perfect place for sea monsters to lurk and hide. The reports of Tessie are mostly of the 60-foot serpentine variety, although several claim Tessie to be a giant fish, hence the sturgeon theory. The first rumors of the sea creature came from the Indians that lived in the area, the Washoe and Paiute Tribes.


There have been many sightings of Tahoe Tessie; keep a watch.

– Dayle Schear is an internationally known psychic and television personality who worked extensively with “Hard Copy.” To ask Schear a question for this column, email ESP55555@aol.com. Please include a telephone number.

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