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Tahoe Today: Living in Tahoe is a blessing

Dayle Schear

A reader response:

“Dayle, I just wanted to let you know how much I love your column in the paper. I have been having a really rough time with my own negative thoughts bringing me down and the people around me. I am the general manager of a business here in South Lake Tahoe and really thought it was important to let you know that, living away from my mom, I feel that I get a lot of advice from you. It seems like every time I am having a hard time with something you write a column about it. I know that I am supposed to be reading this column and I would love to maybe get some one-on-one time with you, my pocketbook just doesn’t see that happening. I don’t even know that what I need help with fits in your realm, it just seems you are so knowledgable about a variety of areas and I feel that if I just became less negative at times my life would improve. I know that I have an amazing life, I just have a hard time battling my negative thoughts. It just feels good sometimes to vent and get this sort of thing off my chest and I hope that reading this doesn’t take too much time from your busy schedule. I appreciate you.


Thank you so much, Tabitha. There is a very special way to get rid of negativity when a negative thought enters our brain. I usually think to myself or think out loud the word “cancel,” meaning cancel that thought and replace it with a past good thought or a future good thought. I hold my hand out with my thumb and finger and form a circle and say, “cancel.” Try this, sweetie, it really works.

Life in itself is so very short. Do we really need to dwell on negative energy? Why, I have friends who think they are living in reality and every time I speak to them I am told how they can’t do this or they can’t do that. I used to argue with them now. I just cut the conversation short and move on with my life.

My favorite saying came from one of my best friends who has passed on; Hunter, he use to work in the Golden Cabaret show at the Horizon, the female imperators show with Gypsy. Hunter portrayed Cher. We were so close and when he would get really down I would say, “Hunter how do you make it?” His reply was, “You know, Dayle, try this: fake it until you make it. Just dream. If you fake it enough times you tend to visualize the good and surely it will happen girl.” I really miss Hunter.

Tabitha, thank you so much for holding me as high as your own mom. I really appreciate that. In fact, it would be an honor to be your mom. I am blessed with two beautiful shepherds and, besides my husband, they are the loves of my life. I believe my happiness comes from my animals; for, when I am down, I look at them and hold them on my lap and, within moments, my whole world changes for the better. I realize how lucky I am to have Princess and Sadie, two beautiful loves in my life.

There are not enough hours in the day to dwell on the negative. When you do, you tend to bring negativity in as well through manifestation. Remember, living in Tahoe is a blessing.

– Dayle Schear is an internationally known psychic and television personality. Dayle will be doing private consultations. Visit http://www.dayleschear.com. To ask Schear a question for this column, email ESP555555@aol.com. Please include a telephone number.

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