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Tahoe Today | My Doggie was touched by a real Tahoe angel

You never know where or when you will meet an angel in Lake Tahoe. You see angels come in all forms such as messengers, helpers, and angels who guide us when we are in desperate need. To find these angels, it is not merely by chance – the only way one can find an angel is by believing in them.

It was Tuesday, April 5 at 12:30 a.m. We always let our two dogs out in our backyard before sleeping. But, that evening was very different. Princess my black shepherd started barking. From my bed I watched her hair go up. I called to her.

My husband shouted, “Don’t worry she does that all the time.”

Within mere seconds both dogs had escaped down the hill while chasing a critter. We immediately called for them, yet there was silence in the woods.

I asked my husband to take the car around the neighborhood and look. He did. While he was driving, about an hour and fourty minutes later, I saw Sadie, my brown and tan Shepherd, racing toward our house. She was huffing and puffing all the way home. She looked as though she was spooked, but made her way back to the house. I called my husband immediately and told him Sadie returned without Princess.

His exact words were, “The coyotes got her. She protected Sadie so she could get away and they got her.”

He had that knowing look.

I kept shouting for her outside and inside my head. The weird thing about being sensitive is you can see for everyone else but yourself. We had every neighbor on neighborhood watch looking for her in every direction. We all did our part. My husband must have walked miles in the snow through a blizzard with my other dog Sadie looking for her. Several days had passed and I finally broke down. I cried like a baby for the want of my little black German shepherd Princess. I prayed to God, to Mother Mary and I prayed.

I finally made my way into the bedroom and grabbed her pillow, I looked up at my husband and said “Blythe, she is not dead. She’s wandering or hurt. I see her under something, but she is not dead.”

He keep looking and the snow was not letting up. Blythe had circled Boulder and in a cave he found a carcass of a dead animal which he believed was our dog eaten by coyotes. I just wasn’t having any of it. Call it denial, I call it hope.

It was day three and no Princess. The pain in my stomach was excruciating. I missed my baby so much. Our once playful home was now silent as the snow.

On day four the phone rang. Our first Angel, Kyle Fiori from The Ridge Tahoe, called.

“We found your dog,” she said.

My husband shouted Princess was found.

“I’m on my way to get her,” he said.

It was John Curtis from the Ridge who saw Princess walking and disoriented. He called her and she came. He read her telephone number off her tag.

I went to thank John and Kyle and give them a little something, but they didn’t want to accept. John felt they did nothing but make a phone call.

I explained to him,” John just one call, you saved my dog’s life.”

He smiled.

Thank you again my Tahoe Angels.

– Dayle Schear is a South Shore resident and psychic who has published five books and worked with “Hard Copy.” Her website is http://www.dayleschear.com.

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