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TAHOE TODAY: Sometimes it snows in June

Dayle Schear

I will forever remember this saying “Sometimes It Snows In June.” It wasn’t long ago, maybe the 1980s, when we were living in Hawaii for a short period of time. I loved the Islands; however, Thanksgiving was fast approaching and I sat in my chair and longed for the snow and the mountains. I stared out my window, and from the bottom of my heart I wished I were back at the lake.

A few months had passed and I decided I needed to go back home to Tahoe, a place that is so near and dear to my heart, a place where time stands still, a writers dream.

We religiously read the Tahoe Tribune online and under the Real estate section there was a house for sale in my old neighborhood. Just like the movie “Baby Boom,” I circled the house and bought it sight unseen.

That was a big one for me, my husband and I made our way back to Tahoe at the close of escrow. The month was June and I was wandering about in my new home just like a child who was given a big piece of candy when suddenly I looked out the window and it was snowing. June and it was snowing. It was then I knew I made the right decision to come home, you see this is where I was going to write my first book, “Dare To Be Different.” I hunkered down and sat at the computer and the words flowed through me. I would like to share in part with you what I wrote.

“We finally made it to Lake Tahoe. Blythe, the dogs and I had given it all up. I gazed out the window as the snow was falling and I realized this was my homecoming back to nature, back to the woods where my roots began. It is a place so special that time could stand still.

“I used to wonder what drew me to the mountains; I wonder no more. I thank God that I have eyes to see the beauty that is before me, a beauty that is so unexplainable that I can only touch upon this with the words that I write.

“As I awake upon the snow-covered hills so early in the morning, the mountains look ever-changing as the snow falls from the heavens. The sky has patches of blue. The crisp coolness of the wind doesn’t feel truly cold because, all at once, a new person begins to emerge. The child within, the child that lay dormant for so many years, begins to stir. That child wants to play again. My dogs run beside me, chasing and catching wanton snowballs. Snowmen fill themselves with laughter. Everyone around me suddenly looks 5 years old. This, my friends, is truly living.”

I truly was back in the country. The ritual sounds were heard wildly across the mountains from the frosted tree tops to the flatlands of Carson and Ren: “Pray for snow, pray for snow. The radio stations were blasting their sounds with joy. Winter had arrived, Slowly but surely, as you turned the radio dial, they were shouting their Indian war dance, pray for the Indian warrior to shed the beautiful white snow upon us the end the longest drought in years. And there it came, the trees were becoming flocked. The power was falling steadily into the night.”

A few days ago it snowed, Tahoe is as beautiful then as it is now. Time to play, time to enjoy, Tahoe is back, the snow is flying once again.

– Dayle Schear is an internationally known psychic and television personality who will appear this summer at the Horizon Casino Resort. To ask Schear a question for this column, email ESP555555@aol.com. Please include a telephone number.

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