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Tahoe Today | Tahoe is one big pet lovers’ home

I moved to Tahoe so that my dogs could roam, play and have lots of fun – unlike in the city. Tahoe is a pet-lover society. We love our animals and will do anything in the world to keep them happy at the lake.

I received the following letter from a fan:

Hi Dayle,

I was reading your column this week in the Trib, as I often do, and realize you live on upper Kingsbury as do I. (I’m at the end of Andria, not sure if you are on the North Benjamin side or the Summit/Tahoe Village side).

Anyway, wanted to say hello. I enjoyed your writing about the snow; we have had a lot this year! I also have two dogs and we make a path out the back of our house for them as well. In the summer we often take them to our local park. If you take your dogs there, too, sometime, perhaps we will run into each other. Usually the only time you see anyone using the park, it’s with their pups!

Thank you,


Here is my response:

Hello Natalie,

Thank you for reading my column. I believe we have met before. I believe you were the one who lost your book with all your names and addresses and my husband and I called you to let you know we had found your precious address book. You were in a hurry – we briefly met. The pictures you sent me of your dogs are just darling. I’m sure my Sadie and Princess would enjoy a romp in the park with your babies as well. Thank you so much for commenting so nicely on my column. If I can bring a little happiness to Tahoe, then my day is made. Have a good one until we meet at the park.

Thank you.


This lovely letter made me think that part of why I moved to Tahoe was because I wanted my dogs to be happy, healthy and live in a wonderful environment. I realized the mountains are great for all animals – large and small cats, dogs and, of course, our native animals that allow us to live here right along with them. You know the ones: the raccoons, the deer, the bears, the chipmunks … I could go on.

We are so lucky to live here and share the land. When I talk to my friends in the city, they are more than jealous. There have been many conversations while I was talking on the phone and looking out of the window when I have told my friend, “I better go now; I see a bear outside my window.”

The response on the other side of the phone was, “What? Call someone!”

Well, the last time I called someone, not too long ago, it was the sheriff. I was cooking and there was a bear at my back door trying to break in because it smelled my food cooking.

When the sheriff arrived at my door he saw the bear and drew his weapon.

“Oh, no, he’s going to shoot the bear!” I exclaimed out loud. “Please don’t shoot the bear!”

Well, it was the bear’s lucky day. He moseyed off into the distance while the sheriff was pointing his gun and shooing him away simultaneously. I was extremely relieved; the bear made his way home and the sheriff was happy the bear left.

– Dayle Schear is a South Shore resident and psychic who has published five books and worked with “Hard Copy.” Her website is http://www.dayleschear.com.

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