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Tahoe Today | The islands are calling

Where do Tahoe people vacation on a whim, or at the drop of their snow hat, or on the spur of the moment, with or without much contemplation? I can answer this: they vacation in Hawaii.

I mean there is Mexico, but according to the news that is far too dangerous. We can fly to Miami and catch the Carnival cruises, or Royal Caribbean. That sounds like fun, and it is, for I have cruised many times.

However, when the snow is way past my window sill, I ponder the easiest way to the tropics. I then drive to Sacramento, spend the night and, in the early morning, catch a flight on Hawaiian Airlines into Honolulu or, even better yet, where the Tahoe crowd hangs out in Maui, Hawaii.

My work is wonderful. It takes me all over the world. When I’m not home in Tahoe, I choose to be in the islands. I’m just a little bit older now and, while skiing is phenomenal this year, my little legs are a bit weary. So I’m a snow watcher – I love watching the snow; my imagination runs wild.

In 1983 while working at KOWL radio, the owner offered me a one-week vacation to Hawaii, on one condition: I had to appear on his radio station KIKI. Now who in their right mind would pass up a free trip to Hawaii and appear on the radio?

So off I went. The spiritual islands were calling. This was my first trip to the islands. I appeared on his radio station and was booked for my whole vacation. Needless to say I had to extend my trip.

There are very few times in one’s life that one can look back on a single event and realize it was life-changing. This event changed my life. The popularity of my radio shows was overwhelming. Now in the islands I appear on KSSK radio with Perry and Price.

I have been traveling back and forth, working in Tahoe and Hawaii, since 1983. Yes, I have the best of both worlds. It took me a while, but I realized there was a spiritual connection between Tahoe and Hawaii. The energy seems to be similar. Tahoe has the lake and Hawaii has the ocean. Tahoe has the Mountains and Oahu has the Mountains. The pace of life in Tahoe is slow; the pace of life in Oahu is somewhat slow as well. The people in Tahoe are real and down to Earth.

Hawaii’s people are similar to the American Indians. They are mellow, loving and giving from their heart, filled with what’s called the “Aloha Spirit.” The mellow way of life in the islands is energizing. The beauty of Tahoe is breathtaking. The islands are paradise. Tahoe is Heavenly. I found out that each place has its own special beauty and a spiritual journey to be found.

Over the years I have been asked two important questions. One question is which place do you love the most? This question is the hardest question to answer, because there is no answer. The beauty of the mountains is outstanding and, when I am in Tahoe, I love and appreciate every minute of it.

When I am in Hawaii, I love the warm ocean, and the 25-foot winter swells of Pipeline and Rock Piles are amazing. This year I have come to the conclusion that the energy in both places is outstanding and energizing.

And a big “Aloha,” Tahoe, from the Islands of Hawaii.

– Dayle Schear is South Lake Tahoe resident and psychic who has published five books and worked extensively with “Hard Copy.”

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