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Tahoe Today: The Power of Forgiveness

Dayle Schear

Let me tell you a story of what happened to me just about a week ago. While I was very much awake and going about my business as usual, there was a message that came directly to me from my sister, who, last I checked, had passed away in 2004. This message came to me from the other side; it was a blessing from her and when I received her message it made me stop dead in my tracks.

You see it all started while I was obsessing about this movie I wanted to see, the title of the movie intrigued me so that I was drawn to the theater almost on autopilot. The title is “A Thousand Words,” at it stars Eddie Murphy.

While watching the movie intently and enjoying it, there was a very unusual and noticeable scene in the movie about a tree that grew with leaves in Eddie Murphy’s backyard. One fine day, it appeared out of nowhere. Imagine looking out your window into your backyard and witnessing a tree growing from the Earth. It would certainly raise major questions in anyone’s mind.

Now, Murphy’s character was a hustler and one to make a lot of money while neglecting his family life. Living in the fast lane was taking a toll on him. It seemed that life was truly passing him by – especially on the spiritual front. He noticed that, every time he spoke a word out loud, a leaf would fall from his new tree. As he searched for answers in an Ashram while trying to land an account from a guru, the spiritual guru told him not to speak, for when the last leaf fell from his tree he would surely die.

Murphy’s character had been selfish and greedy throughout his life, so he decided to make amends with everyone in hopes that, if he changed his ways, his tree would stop shedding leaves. He helped the homeless, gave away his money to people on the street, but nothing worked. For every word he uttered, leaves would still fall from the tree.

He was dying slowly. There was no hope in sight. He lost his wife, his kid – all had abandoned him due to the fact he refused to speak and now, with three leaves left on the tree, he gave up and resigned himself to his death.

Murphy’s character went to his father’s grave and, throughout the movie, viewers saw that his father was the one who had hurt him the most. While at the grave with no hope left, he fell to his knees and uttered the words, “I forgive you Dad.”

The tree came back to life. The power of forgiveness was the real message here.

I was so into the movie that I uttered my own words out loud to my sister “I forgive you.” I couldn’t believe those words came out of my mouth, I was just watching a movie now I was part of the movie and the words I uttered were long overdue.

I was blown away how the movie moved me to tears, upon leaving the theater I shook my head and walked slowly into the mall, passing several stores, totally out of character for me. I noticed a cart that sold phone cases, I stopped and asked the lady to see one for my phone, they only had one left and when the girl handed it to me the word on the phone was “love.” I knew the message was from my sister.

– Dayle Schear is an internationally known psychic and television personality. Dayle will be doing private parties. To ask Schear a question for this column, email ESP555555@aol.com. Please include a telephone number.

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