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Tahoe Today: The Psychic point of view

As a psychic, I have a quest. That quest is to reach out and touch people, to give help to all of mankind. There were many lessons that I learned along the way. I always chose the path of knowledge, and in that path I had to experience many things. But the most important lesson I learned was that I had to change me first in order to help others.

It was late Thursday afternoon, my first column in the Tahoe Daily Tribune was just about to come out for the weekend. I was sitting at my desk and spacing out at the lake when I noticed the new e-mail on my computer.

“Ah my first question.” I pondered it eagerly. I was energized. Someone actually read my article and wanted help. I couldn’t wait to respond. It was from Lisa.

“Hi Dayle, I just lost my son’s father after 31 years and I am wondering if there is any way to know if he heard me and the music I played for him in the ICU. He died suddenly after getting a shot at the hospital, from an internal staph infection. He had a solid relationship with God and I am sure he is in a wonderful place now. I just am wondering if he knew/felt anything. His name was Paul.”

Sincere regards,


Sympathetically, I phoned Lisa and reached out to her. I could feel her pain and sorrow.

“Lisa, I want you to know that Paul heard every word you said, the music was an added touch. You see, when we are about to cross over we jump out of our physical body. I know this for a fact, for as a child I died and left my physical body, and when I looked back on my bed, I saw the shimmer of light around myself glowing. I watched and observed everything that was going on in the room at that time. I could hear my sister’s voice and tried so hard to scream and shout to get her attention, but I noticed she could not hear me.

“Paul was having the same experience; he wondered what was happening to him. Not very long thereafter he realized he had passed on. He watched you and listened intently. The music soothed him so. The spiritual part of him looked around the room – it was then he realized he was no longer suffering. He was free to travel about the room.

“Lisa, sometimes we have out-of-body experiences, this is referred to as astral projection. We can leave our body at will and spin out into the universe where there are no limitations. We go wherever we want and visit whomever we want; the only difference between astral projection and physical dying is the silver cord. This is the embryonic cord that we are attached to, and when it is our time to go, the cord snaps. We then travel to our next destination – some might call it the waiting room – where we get a chance to review our life.

“Lisa I hope I gave you a little peace of mind about Paul, and I thank you very much for your question.”

As I gaze out upon the Lake Tahoe, it’s just heavenly. From the desk of the Psychic Point of View, I’m signing off for today. Please keep writing to me with your questions.

– Dayle Schear is an internationally known psychic and television personality who worked for two years with “Hard Copy” during the O.J. Simpson murder trial. She is the author of five books, including “The Psychic Within” and “An Angel Over the Airwaves.” Her website is http://www.dayleschear.com.

To ask Schear a question for this column, e-mail your specific question and phone number to ESP555555@aol.com.

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