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Tahoe Today: The Psychic point of view

Dayle Schear / Special to the TribuneLocal psychic Dayle Schear's dogs, Princess (left) and Sadie-Ann.

We’ve all heard the stories: A beloved pet, somehow lost on a family trip, miraculously finds its way home – sometimes traveling hundreds or even thousands of miles to reunite with its owner.

A pet cat stares out the window or sits on the window sill every day, several minutes before its owner arrives home.

A pet dog barks, runs and hides just before an earthquake hits.

A pet parrot, who’s learned to talk, says things seemingly in response to what its owner is thinking.

How are these things possible? Do our pets, perhaps even all animals, possess some innate psychic ability that allows them to tune in to human brainwaves or even to see the future? Or are they just more sensitive than humans to visual, or magnetic and other environmental factors and changes?

I know beyond a reasonable doubt that pets are psychic; and yes, pets do feel emotions. They are very sensitive to other people’s feelings. Yes, pets do smile and exuberate happiness when they see their owner.

Examples of such: We had a dog named Molly; we fancy German shepherds and have always had them. Well, Molly always knew when danger lurked ahead.

We were traveling back from June Lake last summer. Molly was in the back of our Jeep, she started to bark and bark, yet there was no other car on the road but us. My husband and I slowed down to appease Molly – well, maybe she had to relieve herself? No.

We asked Molly what was wrong; she still was barking. We drove slower and started to pull off the road, when suddenly, out of nowhere, a deer bolted across the road right in front of us, almost hitting our car and smashing us to smithereens. We took a deep breath. Molly stopped barking – almost proud that she saved us from this disaster.

Then there was Sasha. What can I say? She saved my life.

It was a cold, snowy day in December in Lake Tahoe. I needed to make a fast run to the grocery store. Just before opening my front door, I asked Sasha to come with me. She backed away, shook her head and refused to go. I said. “Sasha what’s wrong?” She then started barking and refused to let me go out the front door. She even grabbed the sleeve of my coat and pulled me back. It was at that very moment that a large piece of ice came crashing from the roof to the ground right where I would have been standing. I went to my knees and held Sasha; gave her kisses and thanked her for saving my life.

Now we have two new German shepherds. Princess Kai, (black) and Sadie-Ann (black and tan.) Two loving litter sisters. Now, these dogs are trippy to watch. I observe them communicating with each other. I watch as they outsmart one another. I watch as Princess tells Sadie she wants a bone. Sadie comes to me and asks for a bone. I give the bone to Sadie she backs up and lets Princess eat the bone. They talk to each other in their very own special language. But what I have noticed is that Princess has a profound psychic stare: she will stare into Sadie’s eyes relentlessly and Sadie backs down. We literally have to cover Princess eyes so Sadie doesn’t get spooked.

Animals do communicate on so many different levels. I am an animal lover, and from the bottom of my heart, I know they have their own little language, and most importantly, they give us unconditional love.

Signing off for today with two beautiful dogs at my side. Have a nice day at the lake.

– Dayle Schear is an internationally known psychic and television personality who has worked extensively with “Hard Copy.” She is the author of five books, including “The Psychic Within” and “An Angel Over the Airwaves.” Her website is http://www.dayleschear.com.

To ask Schear a free question for this column, e-mail your specific question and phone number to ESP555555@aol.com.

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