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Tahoe Today: What is this thing called energy?

Dayle Schear

Energy is what moves us. Energy is what makes us feel. Energy makes us weary of people; and sometimes while entering a room you find yourself pulling back from a person, because it just doesn’t feel right. I’ve known healers who run their hands down your back with out touching you and they feel a cold spot on the body. “Oh you’re blocking some energy,” they say.

Personally, I am very empathic. I can feel energy from across the room emanating from another person, then I tune in. I search my mind to find out if the person is having negative thoughts and if their thoughts are directed towards me. We as psychics tend to take situations more personal then most.

Example: I have a very good friend Bev, she is a numerologist and an excellent psychic. But there are times she would go into work – she was an accountant – and in her work environment she would tell me she was being attacked by negative thoughts of co-workers. She wanted me to pick up on what was happening. (By the way psychics cannot see for themselves; that is why we check in with other psychics.)

I explained to Bev that her co-workers were not angry at her, they were having a bad day, a bad week. They had their own problems.

We emanate energy whether we are feeling good or bad. A happy person glows and shines. A negative person emanates sad energy.

My husband would explain to me that as a psychic we take every thing too personally. That is why we are sensitive.. I explained this to Bev she checked with her co-workers and found out what I said to be true.

As a psychic, I really am not that visual. I am a feeler, and I thank God for that one. I feel everything: the good the bad and the ugly. At times it is a lifesaver. I feel when to board a plane and know it will be safe to fly. I step away from danger because I feel the energy in the room and just leave. I can feel when there is going to be a robbery in the bank, so I just leave the premises. I feel when there is going to be a car wreck and always tend to move out of the situation.

My husband will tell you he has a blast living with me – he never knows what is going to happen. One time, we drove to Sacramento to a great burger place. It took almost three hours to get there. After the long ride we went into the restaurant, sat down and were just about to order our burgers when I stared at him.

“What!” he said. My reply was, ” I think we need to get out of here. That man sitting across the table just murdered someone.” I could feel his intense energy; there are times I get visual pictures in my head. This was one of those times.

So my husband and I politely left the restaurant and traveled another hour to find a great burger place.

Many people have asked why we don’t report these things that I feel or see. Well my answer is to whom?

I love feeling energy. It really saved my life on more than one occasion. So just for today, open your senses and feel what is around you.

Enjoy and feel the fireworks. Happy Labor Day.

– Dayle Schear is an internationally known psychic and television personality who worked extensively with “Hard Copy.” Schear writes this column for the Tahoe Daily Tribune for free. To ask Schear a question for this column, e-mail your specific question and phone number to ESP555555@aol.com.

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