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Tahoe Tomorrow seeks action team members

Gregory Crofton, Tahoe Daily Tribune

Tahoe Tomorrow, a group formed late last year to make South Shore a better place to live, wants its 125 members and anyone else interested to join an action team.

An open forum will be held to introduce a number of action teams designed to complete projects, such as the conversion of a motel to affordable or employee housing.

The forum, to be held April 1, will include a presentation explaining the mission of Tomorrow. An opportunity for residents to join the group will follow.

Membership costs $100, but exceptions are made for people willing to commit an amount of time to the group, which is volunteer based.

“We really need more members,” said Barb Childs, one of 15 board members. “We don’t want the $100 membership to be a deterrent to anyone. That makes it more easy for them to sit back and not do the work. We want to remove that obstacle.”

The rest of the meeting will be devoted to assigning members of Tomorrow to action teams that will work for one of four Task Force teams.

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Tomorrow’s board, along with the leaders of its Task Force teams, held a day-long strategy meeting at the beginning of March. Childs described the meeting, which took place at Lake Tahoe Community Colleges, as “very productive.”

The board plans to hold its first monthly meeting on April 21. Thereafter, it expects to meet the third Monday of each month. The meetings will provide an opportunity for members of the board to listen to updates from its Task Force teams, which aim to: maintain a healthy environment, improve the tourist economy, diversify the economy and build a stronger community. Minutes from the meetings will be posted on a Web site that is under construction

At the March meeting, directors also decided to suspend plans to hire a paid executive director. Tomorrow does not have any extra money right now, Childs said, and hiring an administrator might be more realistic.

Once the group is up and running, it expects to get most of its funding by applying for grants.

“We don’t see ourselves sustaining costs for the projects through the membership,” Barb Childs said.

Action expected at the upcoming Board of Director’s meeting includes:

— Discuss results of the April 1 forum.

— Ratify mission and vision of the group.

— Clarify board procedures and the term lengths that board members will serve.

— Establish location and time of board meetings.

— Elect a vice chair of the Board. Dennis Crabb, an attorney, was elected as chairman of the board at the March meeting.

— Discuss incentives to help accomplish longer-term projects.

— Discuss financing and fund-raising.

— Get an update on the status of the group’s Web site.