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Take a swing at your ACC knowledge

Steve Yingling, Tribune sports editor

The American Century Championship is no longer a teenager. Celebrity golf’s only major championship turns 20 next week, and all kinds of memories come flooding back for stars and fans who have been part of this star-studded event in Stateline.

From basketball players signing contract extensions, quarterback controversies, Hall of Fame snubs, one star’s undying compassion for Angora fire victims and one of the most detested basketball players blowing up on a playoff hole – all kinds of history has been made at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course over the past two decades.

With so much history made by the stars by the lake, a quiz is necessary to show how well celebrity golf fans understand this nationally televised event.

The grading scale is a familiar one. You must get at least six correct answers for a passing grade. If you answer all 10 questions correctly, see media director Phil Weidinger about writing press releases about future tournaments. If you get 9 of 10, you are spending too much time stalking the stars; 8 of 10, is it possible that you often find yourself alongside children in the autograph lines?; 7 of 10, do you think three mistakes is acceptable to Tiger Woods? Spend more time at the driving range and less time at home; 6 of 10, obviously you don’t study and multiple-choice tests delivered your college degree; 5 or less, see 20-year regulars Maury Povich or Neil Lomax about catching up on the tournament’s past.

1.) A gimme. Almost as easy as getting points for putting your name on SAT test: How many titles have basketball players collectively won?

a.) 19, b.) Four, c.) None, d.) One, e.) Two

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2.) How many title sponsors have there been in tournament history?

a.) 10, b.) Two, c.) One, d.) Six, e.) Four

3.) In 18 tournament appearances to date, what is seven-time champion Rick Rhoden’s worst finish?

a.) Fourth, b.) First, c.) Eighth, d.) Fifth, e.) 12th

4.) OK, there have been some real hacks in this event. Remember when NBC tried to impose a 10-handicap-or-better cutoff for entrants? Before the modified Stableford scoring format saved the celebrities from counting every stroke, who shot the highest 18-hole score?

a.) Charles Barkley, b.) Engelbert Humperdinck, c.) Jesse Ventura, d.) Chris Webber, e.) Jonny Moseley

5.) Who is the only celebrity athlete to participate in the tournament while their sports season was going on?

a.) Dale Jarrett, b.) John Smoltz, c.) Marshall Holman, d.) Eric Heiden, e.) Bobby Bonilla

6.) Which woman has the best tournament finish?

a.) Danielle Amiee, b.) Bonnie Blair, c.) Ann Meyers, d.) Cheryl Ladd, e.) None of these

7.) How many times has the tournament been decided by a playoff?

a.) None, b.) One, c.) Three, d.) Five, e.) Two

8.) Since the switch to modified Stableford scoring, there have been five different champions. Of the five winners, who has posted the best total score?

a.) Rick Rhoden, b.) Jack Wagner, c.) Billy Joe Tolliver, d.) Dan Quinn, e.) Chris Chandler

9.) Which celebrity has won the most long drive competitions? Hint: He’s been in a few of these tournaments.

a.) Billy Joe Tolliver, b.) Lawrence Taylor, c.) John Elway, d.) Jim McMahon, e.) Brett Hull

10.) Who has overcome the longest odds to win the tournament?

a.) Mario Lemieux, b.) Chris Chandler, c.) Jack Wagner, d.) Al Del Greco, e.) Mark Rypien


1.) c, 2.) b, 3.) a, 4.) d, 5.) b, 6.) a, 7.) e, 8.) e, 9.) d, 10.) a