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‘Tear gas-like substance’ included in this year’s Tough Mudder Tahoe

Adam Jensen
A Tough Mudder participant reacts to a high-voltage shock in the Electric Eel obstacle at a previous event.
Sylas Wright | File photo

A “tear gas-like substance” and an upward crawl through a muddy tube are among the new challenges that will face participants at this year’s Tough Mudder Tahoe obstacle race at Northstar California.

The annual exercise in punishment takes place Saturday and Sunday at the Truckee ski resort.

Tough Mudder’s approximately 11-mile course includes 20 obstacles along the way. Updated and completely new obstacles have been created for this year’s Tough Mudder races, which take place all around the world, and focus on requiring teamwork among the run’s participants, said Tough Mudder spokesman Ben Johnson.

“It should feel new to the more than 10,000 that we expect on-site,” Johnson said.

In addition to the new obstacles, Tough Mudder has added the Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder, a custom obstacle challenge designed for 7-12 year olds, and will allow spectators to get into some of the action with a couple of obstacles set up in Tough Mudder’s village. The “Human Hamster Wheel,” a test of strength on a revolving set of monkey bars, will be one of the obstacles available for spectators to try, Johnson said.

With many of the run’s obstacles featuring a water component, Johnson said Tough Mudder organizers will work with local officials to make sure water is used appropriately throughout its western U.S. events this summer in consideration of the Western drought.

Registration for Tough Mudder Tahoe was $200 Wednesday morning, with a price increase set for June 12. Spectator tickets and tickets for the Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder are $20.

More information is available at http://toughmudder.com.

Here’s a look at some of the new or updated obstacles that will face participants in this year’s Tough Mudder Tahoe:

Arctic Enema 2.0

Arctic Enema 2.0 forces Mudders down a short slide, under a chain-link fence and into freezing cold ice water. Once submerged, Mudders must boost themselves and fellow Mudders over a wood partition in the middle of the vessel before emerging.

Birth Canal

This obstacle forces Mudders to crawl under a deceptively heavy, water-filled liner. As Mudders pass through this obstacle, the water pushing down above them forces them to push back up and keep moving toward daylight.

Cry Baby

An enclosed structure filled with a safe, tear gas-like substance and littered with hazards along the way

Funky Monkey 2.0

Mudders will need to cross monkey bars and then grab a trapeze bar, swing onto a descending pipe and shimmy hand-over-hand to the finish.

Hold Your Wood 2.0

For a stretch of course, Mudders must band together and carry a massive log over, under and through walls while ensuring no Mudder gets left behind.

Kiss of Mud 2.0

This obstacle requires Mudders to transverse a series of elevation changes, all while hugging the mud-coated ground below and avoiding the barbed wire above.

The Liberator

The Liberator requires Mudders to conquer a 10-foot A-frame using pegs and rope. On the ascent, Mudders must crawl up a slanted wall placing pegs into slots along the structure. On the way down, a rope brings them back to safe ground.


A slow, steady crawl through an inclined, mud-infested tube leading out to a backwards drop into a water pit

source: Tough Mudder

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