Telemarketing scam comes to Lake Tahoe |

Telemarketing scam comes to Lake Tahoe

Jeff Munson, Tribune city editor

Douglas County authorities are warning residents of a telemarketing scam.

Elderly residents are being contacted by telephone and informed they have won a large sum of money, said Sgt. Tim Minister of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department.

“Sometimes the caller will state the person has won the lottery from another state or county or has won a sweepstakes or a prize,” Minister said. “The caller tells the person that in order to collect their money, they in turn need to send them a moneygram as a processing fee or in order to facilitate personal delivery of the funds.”

Deputies investigated a case Wednesday where the caller stated the above and requested the victim send money to an address in Ontario, Canada.

A good tip to take into consideration is to ask the caller for their telephone number. If a number is provided, the person should always call the number back and confirm they reach the same person, Minister said. Typically the caller will come up with some type of excuse why they cannot provide their number or will provide a false number.

Anyone who receives these types of calls should contact the Nevada Attorney Generals Office at (775) 687-6300. If the caller is calling from another county, the U.S. Customs Service should be contacted at 1-800-BE-ALERT. More information on scams can be found under the consumer protection link on the Federal Trade Commission Web site at

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In other news:

n South Lake Tahoe deputies on Monday responded to a home on B Street, where BB gun pellets were fired into a bedroom window. The incident happened at around 11 p.m.