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Testimony: Drug dealer and wife gagged, beat and raped victim

William Ferchland

Sobbing at times, a woman who said she was raped by her cocaine dealer and beaten by his wife testified how she was kidnapped at knifepoint and gagged with the strap from her beach bag.

Using the name Jane Doe to protect her identity, the woman testified for more than three hours in the trial of 27-year-old Eduardo Galecia-Hernandez of South Lake Tahoe who faces life in prison if convicted on charges including rape, kidnapping and false imprisonment.

The woman testified that Galecia-Hernandez kidnapped her and forced her back into her car as she headed to work at Heavenly Village on June 9.

The South Lake Tahoe woman said she knew Galecia-Hernandez for about a year, buying cocaine from him then getting the drug for free. Once he stopped charging her for the drug, the woman progressed to doing more cocaine and would receive more than a gram a day, sometimes multiple times a day, she testified.

“He told me he loved me a lot,” she testified before a jury of 11 men and four women. Three are alternates.

Jane Doe testified she had been doing cocaine June 9, which caused her to avoid sleep for three days. She went to the beach and received about a gram of cocaine from Galecia-Hernandez’s cousin in the parking lot of Chevys Fresh Mex Restaurant, she testified.

On the way to work, she smoked cocaine while driving and pulled into the Best Choice Inn to park, she testified.

At that point she said she was kidnapped at knife-point by Galecia-Hernandez, who she knew as “Lalo,” and forced back into the car.

She drove to the Beverly Lodge and was told to go into room 202, where Galecia-Hernandez’s wife, Jamie Lynn Olson, was waiting. The couple’s toddler son was also there.

“Why did you follow his instructions?” prosecutor Lisa Serafini said.

“Because I was scared,” Doe said.

Once inside the room, Olson, 27, ordered Doe to take off her clothes, and do it in an enticing way, Doe testified. Doe then said Olson grabbed her hair and forced her to perform oral sex.

Doe said she was then punched in the head and jaw by Olson, who also scratched her over many parts of Doe’s body. A cigarette was given to Doe but it wasn’t finished since Olson took it and burned Doe’s stomach, arm and neck, according to testimony.

Galecia-Hernandez then tied Doe’s wrists together but moved the strap, used as a shoulder harness for Doe’s beach bag placed in the back seat of her car, to her mouth before he raped her, Doe testified.

Afterward, Doe testified she “passed out” on the bed but awoke to her hair being pulled by Olson, who again demanded oral sex. The toddler, Doe said, was still in the room.

Doe said she was offered a cigarette and cocaine. She took both. She said she snorted so much cocaine her nose slightly bled.

“I wanted to get numb,” she testified. “Everything, my whole body hurt.”

Once again, Doe said the cigarette was taken from her grasp by Olson and used to burn the outside of her left thigh three times denoting a triangle, a gang-style mark.

Then Galecia-Hernandez told Doe they were leaving.

“I was excited about being able to leave,” Doe said. “I didn’t think I’d be let go before.”

Galecia-Hernandez directed her to drive to his brother’s residence where numerous figures were silhouetted in the early morning light and Doe was threatened “with my life” if she went to authorities, she testified.

When she returned home Doe testified she took a shower for nearly an hour, washed herself “eight times over,” brushed her teeth three times, slept and went to Burger King for food with her boyfriend.

While out, the two saw Galecia-Hernandez driving and followed him to the Beverly Lodge. They also saw two South Lake police officers, and Doe’s boyfriend told them about the incident.

Barton Memorial Hospital nurse Nicole Koller continued her testimony from Tuesday regarding her sexual assault examination of the woman. Galecia-Hernandez’s lawyer, Lori London, carried over her questions from Tuesday afternoon’s testimony.

Koller guessed some of the woman’s injuries were caused by a sharp object such as a knife or acrylic fingernail, which Olson had a broken one on a thumb.

To prove her point other items may have been used, London pretended to rake her forearm with a fork and scissors attached to a Swiss Army knife she brought from her kitchen.

“So any number of items could have made the injuries on Jane Doe, correct?” London asked.

“It’s possible,” Koller said.

London also tried to elicit a response from Koller that the woman had a sexually transmitted disease. Koller responded she tested for a multitude of diseases the woman might have had. London pressed the issue a bit longer but moved on after it appeared she wasn’t going to get the answer she was looking for.

Regarding the numerous circular marks on Jane Doe’s body, possibly caused by a lit cigarette, London asked if the injuries could have been caused by hot cocaine falling from a pipe.

Koller replied she “couldn’t say for sure.”

The trial for Olson, who also faces life in prison in convicted of charges including false imprisonment and sexual battery, will begin after Galecia-Hernandez’s expected three-week trial.

Testimony will resume today at 9 a.m. in El Dorado County Superior Court with cross-examination of Doe by defense attorney Lori London.

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