The Extreme Tahoe Vacation: Wimps and whiners need not attempt |

The Extreme Tahoe Vacation: Wimps and whiners need not attempt

The Menu Burger Challenge at the Fox and Hound is not for the dainty eater.
Fox and Hound / Jeramie Lu Photography

This isn’t your grandma’s vacation (unless your Nana is a total badass who rides motorcycles and stuff). Don’t attempt if you have a propensity for whining, grumbling, bellyaching, griping, sniveling, bleating, or raising any sort of stink. If your name is Ned and you wear your shirt tucked in every day with bright-white New Balance sneakers, walk away.

For everyone else, welcome to the most extreme weekend you’ve ever had in Tahoe. Be prepared to push your limits — and stretch your waistline — like never before.

Ski The Wall

Don’t let the skull and crossbones sign freak you out. The Wall at Kirkwood is legendary, and for expert skiers this double black diamond shouldn’t be missed. Let out a blood-curdling yell before dropping 20-foot cliffs and skiing shoots for one hell of a run.

Drink a 128-oz Moscow Mule

Prepare your body for 128 ounces of minty Moscow Mule at Base Camp Pizza Co. in Heavenly Village. The $70 drink — made with Russian vodka, ginger liqueur, fresh mint, lime juice and ginger beer — comes in a gigantic copper mug and is essentially the equivalent of eight regular Moscow Mules. Bottoms up!

Take a polar plunge

You think you’re a tough cookie because you swam in Tahoe during the summer? Yeah, well, so did my 5-year-old nephew. To really put some hair on your chest, waltz through the snow and take a polar plunge in the 50-degree water without screaming like a little girl. Bonus points if you don’t immediately run into a hot tub after.

Fly a stunt plane

So you heard Tom Cruise is filming Top Gun in Tahoe and you’ve got the need for speed, eh? Unfortunately, Sky Combat Ace has closed up shop for the winter, but the aviation company has plans to resume hurtling people through the sky over Lake Tahoe in stunt planes in February or March.

Surf the North Shore

Winter storms stir up the waters of Lake Tahoe, creating surfable waves, especially on the North Shore. Grab a wetsuit and board and hit the chilly 50-degree water if you dare.

Attempt the Menu Burger Challenge

For a free meal, bragging rights and a T-shirt, you’ve got to finish the Fox and Hound’s Menu Burger in just 60 minutes. Featuring a combination of the restaurant’s favorite menu items, the dish starts with a personal pepperoni pizza topped with BBQ pulled pork, fried eggs, a bacon cheeseburger, chili cheese garlic fries, and a bun. A Philly cheesesteak is stacked on top followed by a teriyaki chicken sandwich with pineapple and jalapenos. It’s served with a side of six hot wings and a side salad. Fun fact: Professional competitive eater Molly Schuyler finished the challenge in 3 minutes and 22 seconds.

Chug a liter of German beer

Pints are for pansies. Head over to Himmel Haus for a liter of frothy German beer served in a giant glass beer mug. If you’re still hungry after the Menu Burger Challenge because you’ve stretched your stomach to new levels, order the $28 sausage platter and get after four sausages served with heaps of mashed potatoes and sauerkraut.

Snowshoe up Mount Tallac

Think you’ve got what it takes to snowshoe nearly 3,300 feet to the summit of Mount Tallac? The 10.2-mile round-trip trek is an all-day excursion and will have you questioning why you did this in the first place, that is, until you see the 360-degree view from the top. It’s worth every leg-burning step.

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