Thinking burlesque? A first-timers experience to determine if it’s right for you |

Thinking burlesque? A first-timers experience to determine if it’s right for you

Cast and crew of the Nevada Show at Harveys Lake Tahoe.
Rob Galloway / Lake Tahoe Action

First off, this is not a review. Being a first-timer to a burlesque show, I am the furthest person to be offering up a review. But what I am going to do is give you my experience in case you are teetering about attending a burlesque show.

As the headline indicates, yes this was my first time. I had seen many an advertisement for burlesque shows in my years, but the Nevada Show inside Harveys Lake Tahoe offered up an opportunity to attend on media night, so I asked my wife if she wanted to attend with me (she had not been to one either), and a reservation we would make.

Now, we’re all adults here. So me mentioning this is a 21 and over show, shouldn’t be news. If you like your entertainment PG or PG-13, I’m sure there’s a movie playing over at Heavenly Cinema right up your alley.

The start time of the show is 10 p.m. That’s fairly close to bedtime for me on a Friday night and my wife and I legitimately thought about cancelling. But we soldiered on in the hopes of a fun experience.

In terms of the experience, we didn’t have any specific expectations. In the end, we simply were hoping to leave the show having had a fun night out and feel generally entertained. I’d imagine not all burlesque shows are the same, but in the case of the Nevada Show, it delivered.

The cast, lead by magician Nick Federoff, was pleasant ahead of the show and many of them noted that they all really enjoy working with one another. I believe that comes through in the end product.

The show itself has a great mixture of humor, history and performances, with a little magic mixed in. It takes you on a ride throughout Nevada giving set designs and stories to items like Area 51, the mob era, Burning Man, and even Reno 911.

Being a music lover, I particularly enjoyed the selections, which ranged from takes on Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain,” to Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit.”

I’m sure most of you that are inquisitive about a burlesque show have questions about the nudity. It didn’t bother my wife or myself and both male and female cast were topless, although the women wore pasties at all times when they weren’t covered up completely.

If you don’t know what a pasty is, Google Janet Jackson Super Bowl 38.

Nudity aside, the show was what we were hoping it would be – entertaining. Again, I cannot speak of burlesque shows in the greater sense, just that if you were ever curious and thinking of dipping your toe in the water, this might be a good one to give a try.

If you’re a couple and wondering if this might spice up the night and help you get lucky – it didn’t for me. I lost $20 in the video poker machine … What? What did you think I was referring to?

The Nevada Show runs every Friday night through April 2020 in the Harveys Cabaret, located inside Harveys Lake Tahoe at Stateline, Nev.

For more information, visit them online at

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