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To the editor:


Regarding Michael Green’s anti-environmental editorial in which he laments that the lifeblood will be squeezed our of our most natural resource, I would like to remind him that Lake Tahoe and the land surrounding it are our most precious resources.

The lifeblood is indeed being squeezed out of them not by environmental regulations but by overdevelopment, monster homes, increasingly smoggy air and traffic gridlock (it took my husband two and a half hours to get from Meyers to Twin Bridges on a weekend and I’m sure our tourist friends are just about as anxious as he is to repeat the experience).

If the regulatory agencies, environmental organizations, business owners and residents don’t work together to plan a cohesive and comprehensive plan to protect all that is precious to each of

us, then Tahoe will become just another crowded, trampled, smoggy, touristy lake resort like dozens of others in California. Once this occurs, there will be no turning back the clock. Try to develop some vision and foresight Mr. Green.

Carla Ennis

South Lake Tahoe

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