Toast to the waist: Drinking tips for the calorie-conscious partyer |

Toast to the waist: Drinking tips for the calorie-conscious partyer

William Ferchland

You stuffed yourself on Thanksgiving, snacked into oblivion on Christmas Eve and ate enough on Christmas Day to loosen the belt that holds up your pants a couple of notches.

Those who want to get a start on New Year’s, in both celebration and resolution, can do so by drinking in a way that will help avoid hangovers, a drunken-driving violation and calorie overload.

In this case, the clear is better than the cream.

For instance, Bailey’s Irish Cream has 94 calories in a serving of a little more than an ounce. More than half of those calories are from fat.

Calories in a shot-and-half of 80-proof gin, rum, vodka and whiskey are close to 100 and are free of fat. Distilled liquor has fewer calories.

Consuming water between drinks not only cuts the calories but lessens the chance for an unfortunate encounter with the law or a hangover.

A lack of water coupled with heavy drinking can provide a head-pounding experience the next day. Since alcohol makes the kidneys send water to the bladder instead of the entire body, water is taken from the brain the next day, according to the Web site

The brain shrinks, causing the material between the skull and brain to stretch, the Web site states. That causes head pain.

Adding water to drinks or adding diet cola to say, a Jack and Coke, can help decrease the time on the treadmill in 2005.

An Associated Press article listed the calories in many favorite drinks, such as 12-ounces of standard beer at 150 calories. Light beer in a bottle has about 100 calories while there are about 75 calories in a 3 1/2-ounce glass of wine.

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