Top five reasons to visit The Pour House in Truckee |

Top five reasons to visit The Pour House in Truckee

Cassandra Walker |

With so much to know about wine, one local connoisseur in town wants to help people navigate their own palette to learn a roadmap for selecting the perfect pour, every time.

“There are no hard and fast rules, it’s not math … it’s more arty. Wine and food, and especially pairing with food can get complicated,” said Dean Schaecher, who owns The Pour House with his wife, Christa.

The couple have run The Pour House for the past 13 years, which is known as a welcoming place to learn about, and taste wines.

“It’s more personal here, not like every other wine bar. I’ve been told by friends that the people who work here are very into wine and give you a lot of personal attention,” said Nancy Gallagher, who was visiting for her first time with her friend Paul Brown.

Brown added that he appreciated the help he got in selecting their bottle for the evening.

“I told Dean what I was looking for, a spicy zin or a jammy cab, and I like it. I’m happy with the wine we chose, it’s very good and reasonably priced,” he said.

Schaecher said The Pour House embodies all of his favorite parts of the food service industry; though he spent much of his early career working in high-end restaurants, he was always drawn to learning about wine.

Now, he is looking to impart his knowledge on visitors of The Pour House and says they offer an experience unlike what one might expect to find at a wine bar.

The cozy shop features a wine bar, a large selection of wines available for purchase or to enjoy in-house, as well as a food section with cheese, crackers, olives, and all of the makings for an impressive gift basket.

Below are the top five reasons to visit The Pour House, where you can expand your knowledge of wine, how to pair varietals with dishes, select the perfect gift or enjoy a wide array of reasonably priced wines in a welcoming atmosphere.

1. Find your bull’s-eye

Schaecher said that he understands the stigma that can come with asking “the wrong questions” about wine.

At The Pour House, they use flights of red and white wines to establish what he calls the bull’s-eye — the perfect flavor profile for each guest in terms of acidity, fruitiness, and bitterness.

2. Expand your knowledge

While tasting different wines, guests are welcomed to ask questions to learn without feeling belittled.

“People can feel comfortable coming in here and talking about wine. Say you want to impress this girl, I’ll ask you some questions and tell you, ‘Well, buy this wine, serve it with this, and she’ll love it.’ We’re as local as it gets, you can even stop by and ask about the ski conditions,” Schaecher laughed.

3. Pair perfect dishes

Shaecher worked at high-end restaurants like Wolfdale’s, where he became passionate about learning which wines complimented certain dishes. In his effort to create the best flavor experience for guests, he mastered the ability to help people select wines that they like by evaluating completely unrelated criteria like whether they add creamer to their morning coffee or not.

4. Give a gift

The Pour House has a refrigerated cheese section, crackers, olives, salamis, and gift wrap to help you give someone a thoughtful gift that they’re 60 percent sure to love, according to Shcaecher.

He says the most popular wine to gift is red, more specifically cabernet. The most popular white wine is an oaky and buttery chardonnay. If you’re looking for a fancier bottle, they offer a range of champagne and sparkling wines at prices to accommodate any customer.

5. Learn from the pros

Schaecher’s key takeaway was the customized experience each guest receives at The Pour House. Rather than offering a stale equation for choosing wine, he explained there is simply too much to know, too much to learn, and he wants to help teach people all that they need to know to be more adventurous in trying wines.

Cassandra Walker is a features and entertainment reporter for the Sierra Sun. She can be reached at, 530-550-2654 or @snow1cass.

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