Travelers want what Tahoe offers |

Travelers want what Tahoe offers

About 53 percent of Americans hope to come to Lake Tahoe, according to a report recently released by YP&B Yankelovich Partners.

Tahoe ranks third among the most desired leisure destinations in “The 1997 National Leisure Travel MONITOR.”

In the top spot was the Florida Keys, where 61 percent of those responding to the survey wanted to visit. Orlando, Fla., was second with 55 percent.

Tahoe topped major western destinations including Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Diego, Phoenix and Los Angeles.

The Yankelovich Partners compiled information from 1,600 people who responded to the survey.

Detailed questions included what people wanted in a travel destination, spending habits, who they traveled with and where they collected travel information.

The surveyors noted vacationers want to “lighten up,” which they called the “Possibility Agenda,” under which consumers are poised to move forward, have more fun, and explore new directions, the report says.

Tahoe offers many vacation options in line with current trends.

On a list of 12 types of vacations taken in the last year, Tahoe offers at least eight including beach/lake, camping/hiking, gambling and skiing.

Modern vacationers also want to reduce stress by limiting the complexity, confusion and decision-making required in a vacation. In many cases, they are looking for all-inclusive packages and familiar names in lodging and transportation options.

The chief attributes of a destination are safety, value and experimental or fantasy benefits.

Looking for novelty in a vacation, more people consider recreational gambling a desirable option.

Spas are on the downswing but vacationers still want a healthy lifestyle. However, the definition has changed to what makes the consumer feel good and not deprived.

Vacations that include exercise through hiking, water sports, skiing and golf meet the new definition of healthy.

Vacationers are also looking for arts, architectural or historical sites and shopping experiences.

Vacation consumers are tired of “The Big Yawn,” the report says. They want novelty and change.

The travel marketer that can harness this desire “stands to move forward themselves.”

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