TRPA: East Coast lakes look to Tahoe as model |

TRPA: East Coast lakes look to Tahoe as model

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STATELINE – The state of Maine’s largest lakes organization is visiting the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and the Lake Tahoe Basin this week, seeking advice on their lakes’ management programs, the agency announced Monday.

“We’re really interested in seeing how other organizations manage their lakes, especially in the Lake Tahoe Basin,” said Peter Lowell, executive director of the Lakes Environmental Associations, in a statement. “There is much more scientific attention in Tahoe compared to Maine. We want to learn how Tahoe is using the science of lake protection to benefit their lakes and how we might apply this to lakes in Maine.”

During their visit, Lowell and his team plan to meet with Ted Thayer, TRPA’s aquatic invasive species coordinator, on Tuesday. They are also meeting with representatives with the Tahoe Resource Conservation District, which has partnered with TRPA on its recent AIS control methods.

“It is important for us to share our knowledge with other lakes across the country for the benefit of the broader partnership,” Thayer said. “While our agencies and academic institutions are national leaders on invasive species issues, we also benefit greatly from the exchange of ideas.”

Thayer has also been invited to attend a meeting of aquatic invasive species experts at the Lake George Park Commission in New York over Veterans Day. He will be there to discuss the Tahoe Basin’s efforts to control and prevent aquatic invasive species.

Furthermore, the Lakes Environmental Association of Maine is meeting with representatives of the Tahoe Environmental Research Center, and the Tahoe Science Consortium.