Twins to the Extreme |

Twins to the Extreme

Gregory Crofton

Both ride Igneous skis, which are wide and stiff. Both moved from Gardnerville to the University of Utah to study mechanical engineering. And both made the cut at a freeskiing and riding competition held last week at Kirkwood Mountain Resort.

Surprise, surprise – the Marenco brothers, Rory and Brett, 19, are also twins.

Brett carved his way down the rocky, cliff-strewn Cirque first. Without a flinch, he navigated everything from the sugary spring snow of a bowl known as the “Fields of Joy,” to the cold, packed powder hidden in “Frankie’s” chute. For a finale, Brett pulled a flip off a tree-studded cliff and landed it perfectly.

“I just had a great time out there and hit everything I wanted,” he said. “Mainly I wanted to keep my skis and my feet.”

Rory, a few points ahead of Brett, bulleted down Kirkwood’s toughest terrain 30 minutes later. (The skiers who accumulated the most points from the first two days skied later in the day).

“I charged it. I skied as fast as I could,” Rory, who last year failed to make the third-day cut, said. “I was jumping on rocks. I like to charge out of the gate and get into the chute fast.”

Rory, like his brother, also launched a flip during his run. Were they trying to one-up each other? Of course.

“It’s great competing and skiing with my brother. We inspire each other,” Rory said. “There’s always someone trying to up the ante. It’s a lot of fun. I had a great time. There is a lot of energy here.”

In the end, Rory outdid his twin by a just a few points. Out of 26 skiers who made the cut and were allowed to take a third run Saturday, Rory took 19th, Brett came in 21st.

With the final tallies in, Rory and Brett said goodbye to Kirkwood, the resort at which they learned to ski. They were at the tail end of their spring break and had to be back at school in Salt Lake City.

But while hunkered down to study, skiing won’t be far from their minds. Both are majoring in engineering in hopes they can someday design and build skis.

“My dream is to build skis,” Rory said. Brett later chimed in: “We’re going to have our own company together – that’s the dream. We’ll see if it works.”

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