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Updated survey equipment helps city to grow slightly

South Lake Tahoe is working on smoothing out the rumples in its city limit boundary line.

City officials are proposing to include in its city limits a 13-acre enclave in the El Dorado County boundaries that juts into the Park Avenue Redevelopment Project area.

The city limits line deviates from a straight shot because of the lack of accuracy in surveying equipment when the boundaries were formed in the 1960s.

City planner Gary Marchio said the county peninsula was first noticed as a problem when Embassy Suites was built in the early 1990s and a small portion of the building, which primarily stands inside city limits, was constructed across the county line.

“The annexation will correct that problem and it will correct service issues such as police, fire and maintenance within that sliver of land,” he said. “It makes for a logical boundary for the city.”

The land inside the proposed annexation is owned by three entities.

Two parcels that stretch inside the Park Avenue Redevelopment Project area are owned by the KOAR-Tahoe Partners Ltd. A third, one-acre parcel inside redevelopment is owned by VanSickle Enterprises. California Department of Transportation, which purchased the land for a freeway right-of-way access in the 1970s, owns the largest parcel of land.

Marchio said nobody lives in the county island that the city wants to claim in its boundaries and the annexation would not change property ownership.

The total assessed property value for all three parcels was $895,422, according to city records. Annual taxes collected from the three properties amounts to $8,954.

Officials from El Dorado Local Agency Formation Commission, the governing agency in land boundary changes, said taxes won’t change for property owners if the annexation follows through.

Roseanne Chamberlain, LAFCO executive officer, said owners are protected by Proposition 13.

“When an annexation occurs, the property taxes that are currently being paid are redistributed,” she said. “The county gives up some of the tax revenue and the service it provides. The portion it gives up goes to the city.”

She said taxes are adjusted to reflect the assessed value when the property is sold.

One service – fire protection – would be changed in the area. The land, which is serviced by the Lake Valley Fire District, would be handed over to city of South Lake Tahoe Fire Department.

Marchio said that’s not much of a change.

“Because of the location and mutual aid, city fire is the first to respond to that area anyway,” Marchio said.

A public hearing in the Council Chambers has been scheduled Jan. 18 for property owners. After the hearing, action is expected from the council, approving the annexation.

If approved, the resolution and detailed maps of the new boundary line will be sent to LAFCO in Placerville for recording.

“If they sign the resolutions on the 18th, I could have it recorded by the next week,” Chamberlain said. “Once it’s recorded, it’s a done deal.”

Fees for the annexation would cost the city about $3,000.

Chamberlain is also working on the reorganization of South Tahoe Public Utility District to include plumbing services to Heavenly Ski Resort.

“The district has done the preliminary work but the edge of Heavenly extends into Alpine County and we’re waiting on them,” Chamberlain said. “It looks like a straightforward project from there.”

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