UPS is back in brown |

UPS is back in brown

Lisa Marsh

As United Parcel Service resumed business as usual Wednesday, a collective sigh echoed through the Tahoe Basin.

“Everybody was happy this morning. This strike wasn’t good for anybody,” said Bob Young, a UPS supervisor.

According to Young, all available workers reported for duty Wednesday morning. The average number of drivers for the service area is 25. All drivers were out by 8 a.m., and were still delivering by 4:30 p.m. The main focus for the day was to get caught up, and to expediently take care of incoming orders.

“We are really busy, and we’re also expecting pickup orders to continue,” said Young.

The actual numbers for projected pickups won’t be in for another day, he said.

The UPS garage, which was almost full of packages during the strike, were empty in the afternoon. Enough packages to fill about two trucks were the only indicator of a backlog. Though there may be a rush over the next week, there are now enough workers to handle the volume.

“We expect to be light on some items from the East Coast,” Young said.

Young is confident the community is still using the service. One local business, Mikasa, held its shipping until the strike ended. The driver had to call for an extra truck to accommodate the volume.

Young emphasized the mood of the workers and the management was one of gladness. All parties involved were pleased to go back to work.

“I think customers are glad to see our people out there too,” Young added.

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