Vegas resident debuts Ozonator before Thanksgiving leftover rush |

Vegas resident debuts Ozonator before Thanksgiving leftover rush

LAS VEGAS (AP) – If there’s a consequence to the Thanksgiving holiday, it’s leftovers.

But a Las Vegas resident has launched pre-holiday sales of a gizmo called the Ozonator that emits ozone into one’s refrigerator. The device can purportedly double the storage life of fresh produce, cut down on odors, and yes, keep leftovers edible for longer.

“During the holidays in November and December, people have more food go through their refrigerators than any other time of the year,” said Brittany Karlen, president of Ozonator LLC. “It really is a thing that helps a lot with leftovers, not only with the odors, but just keeping everything fresher.”

The $39.95 gadget runs on four D batteries, which need replacement every three to four months. It emits a replication of the Earth’s ozone, which oxidizes some chemicals and neutralizes ammonia and ethylene, delaying the onset of mold and decay.

A test model has worked nonstop for more than four years without needing chemical replacement, Karlen said. Berries’ refrigerated shelf life has been seen to double to about four to five days, while a head of lettuce can stay fresh for up to three weeks, she said.

Fifty cents from each sale will go toward The Iacocca Foundation for the advancement of diabetes research, said Karlen, whose grandmother died of the disease.

When sales began at Smith’s grocery stores two weeks ago in Las Vegas, 72 units sold in two days. The company has 100,000 in stock and is planning sales nationwide. Other products in the ozone business include Ozone King LLC’s PureFridge for $28.95 and Heaven Fresh Canada Inc.’s Refrigerator Air Purifier XJ-100 for $28 Canadian.

Despite the gizmos’ life-prolonging effect on leftovers, Karlen still recommends throwing some food away.

“Obviously there’s some point in time and people can use their own judgment,” she said. “Food shouldn’t last four months, for example.”

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