Vikings earn big division wins over Douglas, Bishop Manogue |

Vikings earn big division wins over Douglas, Bishop Manogue

Steve Yingling / Tahoe Daily TribuneSouth Tahoe High cross country runners Shelby McIntyre, left, and Kelsey Smith near the finish line hand in hand during a Sierra Division home meet on Wednesday.

A year after losing to Douglas and barely beating Bishop Manogue, the South Tahoe High boys’ cross country team showed how far it has come during Wednesday’s home meet.

South Tahoe posted convincing victories of their Sierra Division opponents to move into solid position to qualify for next month’s regional meet in Reno. The Vikings ran by Douglas 22-39 and left the Miners behind 20-39. South Tahoe also defeated Fallon 15-50 to raise its third-place division record to 3-1.

Jordan Yingling and Brady Hiob led the Vikings in the 2.46-mile race that started and ended in Viking Bowl by finishing third and fourth, respectively, in 14 minutes, 59 seconds and 15:01.

“It was great to see the whole team run well today, and actually bringing it as a group rather than individuals,” Yingling said. “Our team has a great season ahead of them, and every practice and every race the season looks brighter and brighter.”

Hiob added, “We all knew that we had to come out and win to qualify for regionals.”

The top-two Vikings had plenty of support as nine teammates finished in the top 15.

“The guys wanted to race and compete today, and they did a great job,” said STHS coach Dominique Westlake. “My toughest job right now is trying to figure out who is going to be on varsity. We’re coming to a month to go in the season and I’m wanting them to be able to compete in the big races and wanting them to do well in the league meets.”

Hiob put on a kick over the final 200 meters to edge past teammate Erich Baumann (fifth, 15:06) and nearly catch Yingling. Hiob said his strong finish was kick-started by a screaming coach.

“I heard Dan (Wilvers) on top of the hill just screaming at me, ‘I know you have that 200 kick in you.’ I was just thinking to myself, ‘Don’t make me do this, Dan,'” Hiob said.

“I got the will in me and passed Erich, and I was trying to catch Jordan.”

Seniors Austin Pierce and Gio Magana capped the Vikings’ scoring by placing nearly side by side in seventh and eighth place.

“Austin has been working really hard,” Westlake said.

Douglas’ Andrew Cobourn won the boys’ race in 14:43 for his first conference victory. Cobourn could never shake Manogue’s Nick Kolupaev after taking the outright led 200 meters into the race. Kolupaev finished four seconds behind the winner.

“I was terrified,” Cobourn said. “Every time I felt like he was catching up to me on the hill, then I tried to pull away from on the downhills.

“He was really close to me, and I didn’t know Manogue had a fast guy. It was really scary.”

South Tahoe’s Kelsey Smith and Shelby McIntyre shared the girls’ individual win, clocking identical times of 16:30 over the 2.46-mile course. The Vikings came across the finish line holding hands, showing a unified effort that South Tahoe fans have seen before.

“We just decided before the race that we wanted to tie, so we could be together more,” Smith said.

With four finishers in the top 5 and five in the top 10 the Vikings collected Sierra Division wins over Douglas (15-49), Manogue (22-33) and Fallon (15-50), but coach Wilvers was somewhat displeased in his team’s performance.

“We ran good; we didn’t run well,” he said. “We are showing nagging injuries. The biggest thing impacting us after doing this for six years is the acclimation time after school starts. I don’t know why, but it’s like a three-week deal every time.

“I cut my workouts back for the last two weeks, and they are still tired. They are just not ready for that shock to their systems.”

Even in sub-par fashion, the Vikings took out one of the top teams in Northern Nevada with room to spare. Manogue, which won the Reed Invitational earlier this month, was unable to combat the Vikings’ 1-2-4-5 finish. Cassidy Cichowicz placed fourth in 17:31 and Torrie Zaccor took fifth in 17:43 to give the Vikings their stranglehold on the top finishes. But Manogue’s top-5 runners crossed the finish line before STHS’s fifth, Kira Smith, came in as the 10th runner.

“That was no fluke that their fifth got in in front of Kira. They are a solid team,” Wilvers said.

Westlake will take his team to the Bob Firman Invitational on Saturday in Boise, Idaho. The 17-year Vikings’ coach is excited to see how his Vikings will fare.

“It will be a good trip for them to go against some competition we’ve never gone against,” Westlake said. “Plus the Elko guys will be there, so this will be a good course for us to see how we can close on them.”

The STHS girls were scheduled to compete in the Stanford Invitational on Saturday, but was told by the Northern Nevada Commissioner Ron McNutt it couldn’t compete at that meet after forfeiting its division opener Sept. 16.

“Honestly, after this race, I think it’s a blessing in disguise, because I don’t think we’re ready for that seeded race base on how we ran today,” Wilvers said.



At Viking Bowl

2.46 miles


Team dual scores

South Tahoe 22, Douglas 39; South Tahoe 15, Fallon 50; South Tahoe 20, Bishop Manogue 39; Bishop Manogue 15, Fallon 47; Bishop Manogue 24, Douglas 31; Douglas 15, Fallon 45.

Individual results

1. Andrew Cobourn, Douglas, 14 minutes, 43 seconds; 2. Nick Kolupaeu, Manogue, 14:47; 3. Jordan Yingling, South Tahoe, 14:59; 4. Brady Hiob, STHS, 15:01; 5. Erich Baumann, STHS, 15:06; 6. Scotty Lococ, Douglas, 15:16; 7. Austin Pierce, STHS, 15:20; 8. Gio Magana, STHS, 15:20; 9. Greg Reid, M, 15:23; 10. Bob Dolan, M, 15:45.

11. Zildjian Borromoeo, STHS, 15:48; 12. Justin Dalton, STHS, 15:54; 13. Connor Henderson, STHS, 16:03; 14. Donald Bernard, M, 16:10; 15. Nick Downer, STHS, 16:28; 16. Chris Carlavito, M, 16:37; 17. Tanner DeGiovanni, D, 16:40; 18. Jeremy Tigh, D, 16:41; 19. Tyler Myers, STHS, 16:54; 20. Mark Pieters, D, 16:56.

21. Ben McCormack, M, 16:57; 22. Randall Newulu, STHS, 17:02; 23. Narturi Narciso, STHS, 17:09; 24. Zarek Sanchez, F, 17:20; 25. David Wise, STHS, 17:23; 26. Erik Cramer, STHS, 17;32; 27. Nick Borovar, F, 17:41; 28. Aaron Edwards, F, 17:55; 29. Ben Sullivan, STHS, 18:01; 30. Kory Koskin, D, 18:07.

31. Christian Pielaet-Bajada, STHS, 18:10; 32. Sky Nelson, M, 18:13; 33. Jeff Hinxman, M, 18:26; 34. Connor Rhyno, M, 18:33; 35. Ulices Caro, STHS, 18:51; 36. Adam Kern, STHS, 18:57; 37. Conner Rettig, STHS, 18:58; 38. Al Soranno, F, 19:00; 39. Josh Tigh, D, 19:07; 40. Josh Gilbert, F, 19:10.

41. Jared Clemmensen, M, 19:16; 42. Nickoli Kallman, D, 19:17; 43. John Ezzell, F, 19:27; 44. Austin Zaccor, STHS, 19:37; 45. Josh Peavy, F, 20:11; 46. Jake Francis, STHS, 20:21; 47. Adam Revels, F, 20:54; 48. Troy Hausberry, F, 22:22; 49. David Revels, F, 24:00; 50. Brian Koch, F, 24:06.

51. Kevin Kendrick, 24:41; 52. Nameless runner, 27:14; 53. Zac Carlson, F, 27:58.


Team dual scores

South Tahoe 15, Douglas 49; Bishop Manogue 15, Douglas 47; South Tahoe 22, Bishop Manogue 33; Douglas 15, Fallon 48; South Tahoe 15, Fallon 50; Bishop Manogue 15, Fallon 50.

Individual results

1 (tie) Kelsey Smith, STHS, 16:30; 1. Shelby McIntyre, STHS, 16:30; 3. Michelle Mowry, M, 17:04; 4. Cassidy Cichowicz, STHS, 17:31; 5. Torrie Zaccor, STHS, 17:43; 6. Ciera Biselli, M, 18:01; 7. Mackenzie Gansert, M, 18:01; 8. Brittany Acota, M, 18:25; 9. Katy Morris, M, 18:25; 10. Kira Smith, STHS, 18:33.

11. Karly Arroues, STHS, 18:34; 12. Sade Gastelum, D, 18:39; 13. Lisa Johnston, STHS, 19:15; 14. Maddie Dant, STHS, 19:26; 15. Mallory Francis, M, 19:39; 16. Sarah Benedict, STHS, 19:48; 17. Bre Chabot, D, 20:11; 18. Sarah Shoen, M, 20:23; 19, Kylie Flannagan, D, 20:25; 20. Lydia Ogles, D, 20:30.

21. Megan O’Loughlin, M, 20:33; 22. Allie Lovitt, M, 20:58; 23. Amber Emerson, D, 21:02; 24. Becca Sanders, STHS, 21:28; 25. Christy Walowit, STHS, 21:39; 26. Sarah Borovac, F, 21:43; 27. Aundry Moore, D, 21:57: 28. Shannon Sturgess, D, 22:02; 29. Kaitlyn Mattern, F, 22:05; 30. Becca Neuffer, D, 22:08.

31. Kate Carlson, STHS, 22:33; 32. Kate Albrecht, STHS, 22:58; 33. Nevada Gehman, M, 23:14; 34. Stacey Waggoner, D, 23:24; 35. Katie O’Brien, F, 24:01; 36. Julia Sandoval, STHS, 24:13; 37. Sonia Heckler, M, 24:54; 38. Taylar Garrett, STHS, 25:02; 39. Christine Houk, M, 25:07; 40. Kaitlin Loomis, M, 25:38.

41. Marissa Menicucci, D, 26:49; 42. Brittany Brisson, M, 28:27; 43. Katherine Routhier, M, 28:27.

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