Vince Morris and Kat Simmons to appear at the Improv |

Vince Morris and Kat Simmons to appear at the Improv

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Three years? Has it been that long since Vince Morris was here last? No! Wow, either he’s been very busy, time is speeding out of control or he no longer needs us as part of his comedic mix. Just glad he got booked back because when it comes to pointing out the inequities of life with the haves and have nots, nobody comes closer than Vince. With his smooth, charismatic style telling his nuances of the funny, the Columbus, Ohio, native delivers the message covering everything from his take on race relations, family, relationships and life in general. It’s not a one-sided deal, too, as Vince invites the audience into his world where he’ll not only make you laugh but, dare I say, think as well.

Vince likes to take it to the edge sometimes when he touches on some of the more controversial material. For example, when asked if black athletes advertising shoes are role models, Vince responds, “I don’t give a damn what kind of shoe an athlete wears … what kind of shoes do black surgeons or lawyers wear? What kind of shoe did the late Johnny Cochran advertise? When you can get a brother off a double homicide and the whole world knows he’s guilty that is a badass shoe!”

Vince performs all over the country in just about every venue available. He’s also showcased at the prestigious Montreal Comedy Festival and the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen and Lake Tahoe which, I’m betting is his most prestigious credit.

Kat Simmons

It’s nice having what I would consider “local talent” back up here, especially when you have the kind of nationwide schedule that she does. Kat Simmons, the pride of Gardnerville, returns and I bet she’s happy she’s back in her area for a little while since she rarely sits still very long. It’s actually rare having her up here doing our room because Kat does so many of those corporate engagements but she’s also one-third of the 3 Blonde Moms and between that ensemble and Kat’s solo projects she’s not up here that much. Lately she’s been doing a plethora of cruise ships so you can see why she’s happy, as are we) that she can be home at least for this week.

Kat covers a wide spectrum of the humor field and crosses demographics because folks can relate to what it is she’s saying. She also works clean — no cussing and stuff — so more people tend to want to see her again and again. Kat also has this likability about her, which is part of her appeal. She’s in demand a lot and has opened for the likes of Tim Allen, Diane Ford and Kenny Rogers. In addition to being funny, Kat is also what would call a physical comic, too, because she includes her whole persona into every bit and that means acting out on stage with her bod as she’s setting up and delivering the punchlines. I’ve often said that if Dick Van Dyke and Carol Burnett had a daughter it would be Kat Simmons.

Kat calls Gardner- ville home (often jokingly referring to it Hooverville) and likes living up here in northern Nevada. One can safely say that she has priorities in check after doing the whole LA scene and playing those head games. I’m just happy that she’s happy to be back in town and, trust me, that will pay off in huge dividends when you see her performing this week.

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