Voters say they’ll tune in for election coverage |

Voters say they’ll tune in for election coverage

Susan Wood

The ayes have it in South Lake Tahoe. People view the election as a way of hunkering down with those of like mind and political persuasion.

That favorite Lazy Boy at home dominates the political landscape as the preferred place to watch election coverage.

And many people plan to do so tonight – with several locals declaring this election will go down as of the most important of their lives.

There are City Council candidates, a challenged state senator, an incumbent congressman, a low-profile U.S. senator, a full ballot of initiatives and a contentious presidential election that has turned off at least a sixth of the people surveyed outside the main branch of the post office.

Still, two out of the three said they plan on staying glued to the television at home – either alone or with those who voted the same.

The Newton family intends to kick back on the sofas with Jack Daniels and Coca-Cola.

“It’s going to be all anti-Bush. I’m 31, and this is the first time I’ve registered to vote. I did it because it was anybody but Bush for me. We feel sorry for the young men fighting in an unnecessary war,” Daniel Newton Jr. said, while leaving with his mail. Daniel Sr. and Margo nodded.

Bill Fritz thinks most people feel more comfortable about watching election coverage at home because “half will be smiling and half will be crying – we’re so divided.”

Between her family, neighbors and co-workers, Alayna Alariana said she has no desire to go out to parties or bars to be with people during the election returns.

“I’m tired of being told what to do and how to vote,” she said.

Herschel Davis is hibernating for different reasons. He’s planning on watching movies and not election returns because he’s had enough of the election.

But Leigh Unger’s family has a lot riding on this election. The South Shore woman, an election volunteer in Carson City, will get together to watch the returns with three generations in her family. They’re also staunch Democrats.

“We’ll stay up as late as we can,” Unger said.

Naomi Margrave also plans to hang in there to watch the coverage.

“I could fall asleep and wake up to a different result the next day,” Margrave said.

Roberta Strachan has committed to a Web publishing class at Lake Tahoe Community College on Tuesday nights but refuses to miss the action. She’s going to view the returns on the Internet.

“I’m going to sneak it in every few minutes,” she said.

Being an economy of swing shifts, a cluster of people plan to work during the election returns. Many work at the casinos where giant screen televisions can be found at most bars for those in the leisure frame of mind.

Providing a piece of its own action, some bars like Sam’s Beach House plan to offer a few special items for those in the spirit of the election.

Management at the new restaurant and bar in Roundhill Square plans to flash election coverage tonight on its 16 television screens.

The all-American meal will make the menu – meatloaf, mashed potatoes and apple pie. And in the bar, donkey and elephant shots will be served.

Fresh Ketch restaurant at the Tahoe Keys will hand out free draft beer and house wine for anyone wearing an “I voted” sticker tonight.

City Council candidates have assembled at their meeting places to check election returns. Pat Frega will be on hand at Dixon’s, Ted Long at the Black Bear Inn, Mike Weber at Mulligan’s and Jeff Williams at the Cantina. Bruce Grego and Stephen Reinhard plan to gravitate to their home bases.

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