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Water leak is fixed, but boil-water order remains

Jeff Munson

STATELINE – A leak that allowed trace amounts of groundwater to flow into the Kingsbury General Improvement District’s system has been repaired but a boil water order for about 2,600 customers remains in effect until at least Friday.

Over the weekend the system was effectively purged of any water that did not receive full disinfection treatment. Tests of the water will be taken over the next several days, said Candi Rohr, manager of the water district.

The district provides water service to customers from the Kingsbury Grade area to Lake Village and Kahle Drive areas of Stateline. It does not include the casino corridor, which is on a separate water system.

The Safeway store at the Roundhill Shopping Center has stocked up on water, ordering more than 50 pallets of it on Thursday for the weekend, said Jason Kellogg, assistant store manager. Each pallet holds 20 or more cases of water, depending on which brand. The grocer usually sells about three pallets on a weekend day.

“We’re selling a lot and we have plenty of it,” Kellogg said. “The customers are buying quite a bit … we’ll have more than enough for the week.”

The leak was discovered July 19, eight days before the district informed the state and the public and a boil water order was issued by the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection.

A flow of approximately one-sixteenth gallon of water per minute (230 gallons per day) was observed when the leak was repaired. The district had conservatively estimated the leak at between one and two gallons per minute when it was reported. This time of year the district is providing between 1.7 and 2 million gallons of water a day to customers.

Rohr emphasized that all water put into the distribution system, including that leaking into the clearwell, has received the district’s normal chlorination treatment for bacteria.

“There was never any increased hazard from bacteria in the water,” Rohr said. “The district tests treated water weekly for coliform bacteria. The water continues to meet state and federal bacteriological standards.”

The leaking water bypassed an ozone disinfection system that treats water before it enters the clearwell. Since 1995 KGID has treated water with ozone in compliance with enhanced federal standards. Ozone is a powerful disinfectant that can inactivate viruses and protozoa such as giardia and cryptosporidium. Ozone treatment supplements chlorination.

Boil water

Users are urged to boil their water for one minute and then cool it before use for drinking, food preparation, brushing teeth, ice making or dish washing. Alternatively, bottled water is recommended.


Call Candi Rohr, general manager of Kingsbury General Improvement District, at (775) 588-3548.

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