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Weigh in tonight on city’s future

Residents are invited to enjoy some refreshments and help map out the city’s future tonight during a two-hour workshop at Lake Tahoe Community College.

The workshop will take place from 6 to 8 p.m. in the college’s Board and Aspen rooms.

The focus of the workshop is the rewrite of South Lake Tahoe’s general plan, considered the city’s “constitution” in regard to future land use, development and environmental protection. The General Plan update is expected to take about two years.

In addition to presentations at the workshop, attendees will break into groups and identify features that make a complete neighborhood, identify the most important social center in each neighborhood and the city, and list what lessons South Lake Tahoe can learn from other tourist cities.

After the workshop, the city and consultants will review the community’s input and develop a summary of issues and opportunities to be addressed in the General Plan.

For more information on the General Plan update, including a list of upcoming meetings and available documents, visit the city’s Web site at http://www.cityofslt.com and click on the “General Plan Update” link.