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Wellness Challenge Week Seven: Take 15 minutes for quiet time each day

The We Can! program by Barton Health continues into week seven for Lake Tahoe Unified School District students. This week’s challenge is to take 15 minutes of quiet time by yourself each day.

What to do: Sit and listen to the birds, wind or sounds of nature. Look at the clouds and decide what the shapes look like. Listen to the water at the beach. Read a book, poem or story. Look through a magazine and enjoy the pictures. Look through family photos. Write a poem or letter. Put a puzzle together. Think about things you would like to do. Make a list of things that make you happy.

What to avoid: Stay off the computer. Don’t play with any computerized or electronic games. Don’t talk to anyone for 15 minutes. Don’t text message or talk on your phone.

Parents should speak with a child’s doctor before starting a program if the child has not been physically active on a daily basis.

The program will begin at the Boys & Girls Club the first week after school is out. The program begins this summer at South Lake Tahoe Parks and Recreation and Kahle Community Center.

Zephyr Cove Elementary School will begin its program in the fall.

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All information is courtesy of the We Can! program, a national program designed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to direct youth toward a healthier lifestyle.

For a free brochure, visit http://www.wecansouthlaketahoe.com.